future proof - When to sacrifice backwards compatibility?

Basically I am wondering about having this behavior in an app where the newer versions require the content created with the older version to be (automatically) converted to the newer version format, at the cost of backwards compatibility.Visual Studio does this for its .sln files.Are there any pros/cons to this practice?I guess in the context of the app I am writing (3d content creation), I was thinking of finding potentially different ways to create things in time (faster, better, more efficient) which might only be possible to implement if th...Read more

What are some options for future proofing your application?

I am looking at minimizing the future impact on a yet to be written application. I am trying to avoid any 3rd party products, and even avoid operating system specific calls. Can anybody suggest other ways of future proofing the application. The idea would be not having to rewrite major portions in 10 or 20 years, and that only maintenance (bug fixes) would ever need to be done....Read more

future proof - How are academics planning to solve the bottlenecks of binary computer's programming in the upcoming years?

Programming is complex. And throughout the years new technologies emerge that lay/depend upon older technologies, resulting in the need for deeper knowledge in a broad set of technologies in order to achieve a single goal.One example of that affirmation could be the web development scenario. Once only what was needed was HTML marking. Nowadays a single web application may depend on many languages, technologies and frameworks.So, considering the tendency it is presumable that the traditional way of programming computers will reach a bottleneck o...Read more