Failed to load the Frida native extension: DLL load failed

OS: Windwos 10 Python: 3.6.0 Frida version: 12.2.15frida-ps -U***Failed to load the Frida native extension: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found.Please ensure that the extension was compiled for Python 3.x.***Any idea how to resolve this issue. I saw about dependency to 3.6 python. I already have python 3.6. Any pointers to resolve this is really appreciated.ResolutionInstalled python 3.7 and installed python in a directory with out space.Looks like frida acts weird if there is space in python path...Read more

How to hook os_log by using Frida

As the title stated, how can I hook os_log by using Frida?Tried below, not working.Interceptor.attach(Module.findExportByName("libSystem.B.dylib", "os_log"), { onEnter: function (args) { console.log(args[0] + args[1]); }});...Read more

Print class data member with Frida

I can successfully hook into this getAuthToken methodpublic class AuthResponse2 extends DataResponse<Data> { public static class Data { private String mAuthToken; public String getAuthToken() { return this.mAuthToken; } }}This is my Frida JS scriptsetImmediate(function() { console.log("[*] Starting script"); Java.perform(function () { var Activity = Java.use("$Data"); Activity.getAuthToken.overload().implementation = function () { ...Read more

Print stacktrace using Frida

I'm able to sucessfully hook into an Android method using Frida, but I am trying to find out who is calling that method. I can find that out if I can rewrite the method with Frida to print the stacktrace when the method gets called. I've tried a few things, but all of them have had some sort of error. This is the latest thing I have tried.setImmediate(function() { console.log("[*] Starting script"); Java.perform(function () { var Activity = Java.use("com.package.MyClass"); Activity.getUpdates.overload('boolean', 'java.lang.Strin...Read more

Is there a way to access "this" in Frida?

Let's say I have the following hook:Java.perform(function() { var test = Java.use(''); test.test2.overload('int').implementation = function(arg0) { console.log(this); return this.test(arg0);}It gives me {$handle: '0x2345', '$weakRef': 283}But I know it has a field that I want to access.How do I access this?...Read more

frida - How to print called functions in android?

I'm using frida on an APK and I'm trying to print out which function is being called, and especially which parameters are sent to it. My environment is set correctly as I can print out classes, and perform various actions in accordance to the docs.This is the closest i've found: the code gives out errors (ThreadDef undefined and so on)And the frida docs didn't help me get where I'm trying to.Any guidance? suggestions? help?...Read more