french cuisine - Julia Child beef bourguignon question

In Mastering the Art of French Cooking, for the beef bourguignon recipe, there is an instruction towards the end I'm not sure if I'm understanding. After the meat is cooked, you pass the sauce thru a sieve and reduce it. She then says Wash out the casserole and return the beef and bacon to it. Does that mean that the small onion and carrot that cooked along with the meat are to be discarded? It was kind of a hassle to take them out. Should they be cut large so as to make that easier?...Read more

Making a pocket-type french omelette without the curd sticking to the pan?

I'm trying to make the pocket/rugby-ball shaped type of omelette, basically the second omelette in this video: . I want it to be runny on the inside and untorn on the outside.I also use chopsticks instead of a fork because I saw advice to use them for this recipe, chopsticks being less harsh on the nonstick coating, and better for mixing everything up in the pan.The problem is, when I come to the shake-and-stir bit, where the heat of the liquid should rise relatively evenly, instead I get a sticky cur...Read more

french cuisine - Spring onion (green onion/scallion) in coq au vin?

I recently ran into an Australian recipe for coq au vin that called for "spring onions", which (in Australia) refers unambiguously to what the French call cébette:Oddly, the recipe calls for 800g of them (spring onions are sold by bunch, not weight), says you should "trim green ends, leaving about 4cm of stem attached; trim roots" (not a whole lot of spring onion left if you follow this!), and then continues with "cook onion, stirring, until browned all over", which doesn't seem like the kind of thing you'd usually do to spring onions.So is spr...Read more

french cuisine - Veloute consistency after being refrigereted

Not been into French cuisine much so I started to try to make the mother sauces for some fun. I cooked up some chorizo in clarified butter and used that fat to make a roux, blonded it, then stirred in some chicken stock. Turned out to have an excellent velvety texture. What will happen to the consistency of the sauce after being in the fridge for a night? Also, my sauce had the consistency of tempered chocolate, is this on par or thicker than what would be considered 'normal'?...Read more

french cuisine - Is a rillette typically cooked in fat?

I want to know if you have cooked your pork to the point where you can 'pull' it can you further cook the rillette in fat / lard in a similar way to what a confit is done or is the fat just poured over the the cooked pork when you seal the meat in the container?Can you use pink salt (Nitrates) in your cooking process so as to make the rillette store for many months?...Read more