Laravel form id (to use Ajax)

I've been trying to create a form that will be sent with Ajax in Laravel 5.6, and I need my form to have an id id='my_super_form'I use the laravel-boilerplate and want to use the standard syntax {{ html()->form()->open() }}.However I do it, I get<form method='POST' action='url/'>I tried: nothing in post, array in open, adding parameters in form(), as simple parameters, as array, whatever I do, I won't get more than action and method. I can't seem to get an id field.The API documentation doesn't list the valid parameters, so I'm tryi...Read more

symfony - access underlying entity in symfony2 form builder

I'm looking for a way to access the data class entity in a symfony2 form builder class.The reason I need this is because the text on the submit button should change depending on a value of this entity (a value the user cannot change in the form).so basically I want to do:if ($this->entity->getVariable() == xxx) {// do something} else {// do something else}inside the form builder class...Read more

forms - Symfony 4, add a text input field inside a ChoiceType

I want to create a select box with three options of color, and in the third option I would like the user to input whichever he/she likes. How do I add a text input field inside the ChoiceType? The code looks something like this now: public function buildForm(FormBuilderInterface $builder, array $options) { $builder->add('shifts', FormType\ChoiceType::class, [ 'choices' => [ 'black' => 0, 'white' => 1, 'customized' => 2, ], 'multiple' => true, 'expanded' => true...Read more

forms - Lime Survey Validate Text Field Equal to Other

I'm asking to the user for double email check, so I have two text fields and I need to know how to validate that the second text field input be equal to the first one. Maybe somekind of regular expression in the validation field?ThanksUPDATEThis basic script solved my need. Select "html source" on the Tiny editor of the second question, where you are asking again for the email and then add.jQuery(document).ready(function(){ var first_email = jQuery("#answer496577X323X3572"), second_email = jQuery('#answer496577X323X3573'); first_email.on('fo...Read more

delphi - How to remove the top bar from a resizable form on Windows 10?

I am trying to remove title-bar of a form while keeping the border to have a resizable form. I set the BorderStyle to bsNone and override the CreateParams procedure:procedure TMainForm.CreateParams(var Params: TCreateParams);begin inherited; Params.Style := Params.Style or WS_BORDER or WS_THICKFRAME;end;The only issue I am facing is a white bar on top edge of the form (in win 10):How can I get rid of this white bar?...Read more

forms - Access Copy Value of Textbox on text change

I've a form in MS access that holds a subform showing records from a table. I've got a textbox whichs content is based on the selected record form the subset. If i select a record with id 2 then the value of the textbox is set to 2. I want to copy the value of the textbox to another textbox of the form each time the value is changed. The onChange eventhandler on the textbox bound to the subform does not trigger, neither does any other event when i select a record in the subform.I'd either write some vba code to copy the text or use a makro....Read more

vba - Access Form Prompting a for User Name

I have built a form in access that allows users to enter in their hours worked by activity (i.e. transactional processing, project time, vacation etc.). Current the form has a field for user name, start date, end date, activity and hours spent. There user name and activity fields are both combo boxes. The user name field has almost 60 different user names. Is there a way to have this form in such a way that when it is opened up by a user, a prompt automatically appears to ask for user name? Than once the user name is entered, all records entere...Read more

MS Access Forms: Control Default Values and DLookup

I've tried searching on here for my answer but have had no luck. I've tried many things to get this to work but haven't been successful so I thought I would post my question. I may repeat myself several times but I'm trying to be as specific/detailed as I can.I have a form which has an append query to transfer all fields on the form into a table. On this form, I have an invisible control (textbox) which pulls the users Windows login ID and uses that as its default value. I have another field (textbox) for the user's full name.I have ran a q...Read more

Access Calculated field in form or in table?

What's better for database consistence? A calculated field in a Form or in a Table?e.g I have a Table which has some Date Fields! I want to calculate them so I can to update status. [Start Date][End Date][Status] I have a form to insert "Start Date" and "End Date"! So where is better to calculate it?Thanks in advance!...Read more

forms - microsoft access populate foreign key in subform

So I've been reading everything that I can find on this problem and everyone's answer seems to be alternatives, but those alternatives won't really work for me. What I am trying to do is click a button in form-1 and have it open form-2 with the correct foreign key from form-1 so I can view the data and add more based off of form-1's key. The reason for this is form-1 doesn't have enough space for hold all of the subforms that I would like to use. Also, putting a button on form-1 to make form-2 visible doesn't really work well for me, but looks ...Read more

Is it possible to copy only certain fields from previous record in an Access Form?

The Products database I'm working on is pretty straight forward but the product table contains over 120 fields for each product. This is due to the varying requirements of online retailers such as Amazon, Wal Mart and 10 others. Each requires some unique information. Much of the data can be automated/defaulted but quite a lot must be entered by a clerk. Of the data that has to be entered, a great deal of it repeats from product to product. Think T-Shirts, for example. The same product can exist in different colors and different sizes. Each...Read more

forms - Microsoft access VBA MsgBox not responding, what am I doing wrong?

so I have put together an asset check out sheet. There is a Check out button, I want a message to prompt " User ID is required" when it is clicked , if the user ID field is left blank . However, that is not the case with my current code, it just accepts the button click no matter what. Am I missing something here ? (code below) Private Sub CHECK_OUT_BUTTON_Click() If (IsNull(Me.USER_ID)) Then MsgBox "User ID is required." Else If Me.Status.Value = "Checked Out" Then MsgBox "This device is currently in use." ...Read more

forms - Many to Many Lookup Access

I have a database that contains a table "tbl_Formulation" that pulls multiple values of StockID from the same table "tbl_MaterialStock" via five different queries. I am designing a form that looks up the material relating to each of these StockID values in an earlier table "tbl_material". How do I lookup the Material for a specific stock usage in my formulation form. I've tried using dlookup to do this but I can't work out a way to specify the lookup of a specific type of StockID.I've attached a couple of pictures to try to explain the problem...Read more

ms access - Role-based Form recordsource

Is there a best practice around opening a form based on recordsources whose columns are limited by the user's role?We have some users who modify data that don't want to see the columns marking criteria for inclusion on different reports (columns with boolean values named isOnRpt1, isOnRpt2, etc. used for filtering purposes) and other users who only run reports that need to sort and filter data but not see columns used for internal calculations. Say we have 65 columns total and everyone wants to see the same 5 key columns and 10 filtering colum...Read more

forms - Microsoft access end of records error '2105'

I have a Microsoft access form that allows users to navigate through records via two buttons "Back" and "Next". The problem is that if a user is on the first record and clicks "Back" a really tacky error message appears. How can I prevent this from happening? So pretty much, If the record selected is =1 and Back button is pressed then do nothing....Read more