SAS Rows/Columns Not Appearing (Table Formatting Issue)

I have a data table with columns: Year, Month, Sales. It is effectively a summary table, like a pivot table in excel.With this table, if there are no sales reported for one month (i.e. Not 0 sales, but no mention of sales so SAS cannot pinpoint a value to a certain month) then that whole row would disappear.I do not want this to happen, I would instead like that row to display 0 rather than not appear. Is there a way to change the format of this to ensure every row would appear?Note: The months are not calendar months, as such you could have mo...Read more

SSRS Report Builder 3.0: Conditional Formatting if value in multiple cells

I'm asking this for a colleague who does not have an account. We both know little about Report Builder, so pardon any errors in terminology. He is using SSRS Report Builder 3.0 on Windows 7.Report Builder ScreenshotHe is trying to add a formula to the HUB Name ID cell which says that if Design Status, Material Status, etc. (all of the fields except HUB Name ID) say 'Complete' then make the Hub Name ID cell green.He tried...: =IIf(First(Fields!Design_Status.Value, "NodeAudit")First(Fields!Material_Status.Value, "NodeAudit")First(Field...Read more

formatting - Auto formating of a .liquid-file (a Shopify theme file)

I'm editting some 3rd-party code (a Shopify theme) and the code is absolutely unreadable. Ideally, I would like to be able to auto format .liquid-files, but can't seem to be able to. My attempt in PhpStormI've tried inserting the code in PhpStorm and pressing CMD + Option + l (after doing this), which does something, but makes newlines in random places, like this:{% unless current_tags %}<h1class="text-center text-uppercase title-under">{{ 'blogs.general.title_main' | t }}</h1>{% else %}<h1My Attempt in AtomIn Atom I tried instal...Read more

formatting - Add bootstrapped p-value to esttab

I bootstrapped my own p-values for a regression and now need to add them to my esttab table. I would ideally like the p-values to appear immediately below the coefficient point estimates. While I am able to place the new p-values into my table, they appear in the table is if they arenew point estimates with labels c1, c2, etc. Here is the relevant simplified code (following the regression) where the bootstrapped p-value is in the local newpvaluematrix pval = (`newpvalue') estadd matrix Puse = pvalesttab , replace cells(b(star fmt(3)) Puse(fmt(...Read more

blogs - Formatting code snippets for blogging on Blogger

My blog is hosted on Blogger and I frequently post code snippets in C / C# / Java / XML etc. but I find the snippet gets "mangled".Are there any web sites that I could use to parse the snippet beforehand and sort out the formatting, convert XML "<" to "&lt;" etc.There are a numbers of questions around this area on SO but I couldn't find any that address this question directly.Edit: For @Rich answer, site states "To display the formatted code on your site, you need to get this CSS stylesheet, and add a reference to it in the <head> ...Read more

formatting - How to apply a single section across multiple columns in Business Intelligence

I do a lot of reporting out of our Electronic Health Record using a Business Objects product, and one thing I run into frequently is records for which most of the columns are the same, but a few may have multiple different values. For instance, a report I'm working on has 8 columns, mostly static information about the patient/encounter, some lab values, and a column for the consulting physician. All the columns will have only a single value per patient/encounter, except for consulting physician which may have multiple. I'd like to somehow set...Read more

visual studio 2013 - Weird formatting of properties in Resharper 8

I have a problem with Resharper 8.Everytime I declare a property in my code, Resharper completely ruins my code:class MyClass{ public int MyProp { get; set; }}will be reformatted to:class MyClass{ public int MyProp { get; set; }}}And if I declare "small" properties like:class MyClass{ public int MyProp { get { return 1; } }}it will be reformatted to:class MyClass{ public int MyProp { get { return 1; } }}Is there a way to fix the first case and is there a way to tell Resharper how long a single-lined property is allowed ...Read more

formatting - SAS Multilayer Format not working when uploading/downloading

I'm working on PC SAS 9.1 and am working on two remote servers, as such, I'm trying to set up my parameters and formats etc; on local before uploading them to each remote server.I've wanting to apply a Multilayered format to a proc summary. I've got the format partially working, but something is going awry when I upload (or download) the format.In this example below, I'm creating the MultiLabel format on the remote session. I then create a simple dataset and apply the format.I then carry out a Proc Summary on the data which will produce a tab...Read more

formatting - Extracting word document with styles associated to the content

I'm trying to extract the format of a word document containing text in different fonts and font-sizes, images, comments etc. I have used zipfile module to extract the XML files of the word document.XML files are:['[Content_Types].xml', '_rels/.rels', 'word/_rels/document.xml.rels', 'word/document.xml', 'word/footer2.xml', 'word/header1.xml', 'word/footer1.xml', 'word/endnotes.xml', 'word/footnotes.xml', 'word/_rels/header1.xml.rels', 'word/header2.xml', 'word/_rels/header2.xml.rels', 'word/embeddings/Microsoft_Word_97_-_2003_Document1.doc', 'wo...Read more

formatting - Workbook cell style in POI/NPOI doesn't work properly with multiple styles in workbook

I'm running into strange problem with .Net version of POI library for Excel Spreadsheets. I'm rewriting from text files to Excel 97-2003 documents and I'm like to add some formatting programmatically depend on some values gather at the begging of the program. At the beginning, in the same method where I was creating a new cell from given value I was creating also a new Workbook CellStyle which was wrong, because I was running out of the styles very quickly (or I was just thought it was the cause of the problem).Constructor of the class responsi...Read more

formatting - Delimiting output in Lisp

I'm sure this is a very basic question, but how to output delimited values?(defun q (n) (if (<= n 2) 1 (+ (q (- n (q (- n 1)))) (q (- n (q (- n 2)))))))(loop for x from 1 to 25 do ( write (q x)))The above outputs the first 25 terms of the Hofstadter Q-sequence, but concatenated:11233455666888109101111121212121614Can be comma-, space- or tab-delimited. I tried playing with the format function, but it's way over my head for a Lisp newbie like me....Read more

formatting - How do I format a signed integer to a sign-aware hexadecimal representation?

My initial intent was to convert a signed primitive number to its hexadecimal representation in a way that preserves the number's sign. It turns out that the current implementations of LowerHex, UpperHex and relatives for signed primitive integers will simply treat them as unsigned. Regardless of what extra formatting flags that I add, these implementations appear to simply reinterpret the number as its unsigned counterpart for formatting purposes. (Playground)println!("{:X}", 15i32); // Fprintln!("{:X}", -15i32); // FFFFFFF1...Read more