forgotten realms - Do we know why St Oswin was canonised? - Rol

Next session my group will be arriving in Triboar, which as far as I am aware is named in honour of St Oswin Boldfist's defeat of three large boars, according to the Terror at Triboar Dungeon Masters Guild adventure. Oswin was apparently canonised by the cult of Gwaeron Windstrom (I didn't even know saints existed in FR!), and honestly I'm not sure why - presumably not for fighting three CR2 (if we generously assume 'large' = 'giant') pigs. Before I retcon the three boars into a boar-headed hydra or something, am I missing some information some...Read more

forgotten realms - Which deity would best fit a morally ambiguous rebel group fighting for freedom and equality in their home city? - Rol

The characters in the campaign I’m currently running are very liberal and open-minded when it comes to non-human races. They even try to give non-humans that are typically viewed as evil (e.g. orcs) the benefit of the doubt. (At least at first. If the orcs attack, their lives are ended quickly). Naturally, the current story arc takes place in a city where non-humans are viewed as second second-class citizens and sometimes even bought and sold as slaves. I would like to present this mindset as normal in this particular city, in a way that the ch...Read more

forgotten realms - When did Baldur's Gate's Outer City come to be? - Rol

Last weekend I was re-reading the setting booklet from Murder in Baldur's Gate. Since the only game I have in this area is happening closer to the Year of Wild Magic than the Year of the Awakened Sleepers (or in less fancy terms: historically placed around when 3rd edition came out.) so far I've only read it for entertainment but it does give me quite a few ideas.One important difference I have noticed is the mention of the Outer City - the area between the East gate (Basilisk Gate?) and Wyrm's crossing. Maps from Volo's Guide to the Sword Coas...Read more

Are there published books within the Forgotten Realms? - Rol

When I played 2nd Edition Ravenloft, it was known within that setting that Van Richten's Guides were something that actually existed within the campaign, not just something that we all bought from TSR. Similarly, Strahd's diaries were also within the setting - and Van Richten had read them.However, I do not recall any published material from, Khelban Blackstaff, nor Elminster - and it is interesting that such wizards of such power would have no "published material" within the Forgotten Realms.Am I wrong in this assumption? Are there in-game/in-...Read more

lore - What is the impact of resurrection in the Forgotten Realms? - Rol

I am not very familiar with the Forgotten Realms lore. I know that resurrection spells may have a great impact on the story and on how death is perceived by the players. I would like to know what is the role of resurrection in the FR settings. In order for this question not to be considered too broad, I am specifying better:Is resurrection a common practice?If not, are there any famous cases of resurrection?...Read more

forgotten realms - What happened to the Barrens of Doom and Despair during and after the Spellplague? - Rol

Originally the Forgotten Realm shared a cosmology with other D&D settings, which was The Great Wheel cosmology. But with 3rd edition it separated and the Great Tree cosmology was created. In the Great Tree there was a plane called "Barrens of Doom and Despair". Sometime after that in 4th edition the Spellplague took place and the World Axis cosmology was born.My question is this: What happened to the Barrens of Doom and Despair? Was it merged with some other plane, was it totally destroyed, or does it still exist somewhere in The Elemental ...Read more

forgotten realms - Elven Afterlife - Rol

My first D&D 5e character will be a Sun Elf. I hope he won’t die any time soon, but I would like to know what would happen to my character if he bites the dust. Or at least what he thinks would happen. I tried to google for some answers about elven afterlife, but I got contradictory results. So I turn to you guys and gals for enlightenment. I don’t know if there is an universal answer to my question for all Campaign Settings, but I would be most interested in information regarding the Forgotten Realms Setting.I seem to recall, that there is...Read more

forgotten realms - Why did the ancient Elven High Mages create the Dracorage Mythal? - Rol

The Dracorage Mythal: Created during the Time of Dragons by High mages of the Fair Folk, this High Magic effect tied a Faerûn-wide mythal to the King-Killer Star. The Dracorage mythal encompasses roughly a 250,000 square mile area where the King-Killer Star is visible over Faerûn and causes all dragon and dragon-blooded creatures to slowly become more agitated and reckless, eventually becoming little more than raging beasts. This effect lasts for ten days.Why would the wise elven high mages do such a terrible thing as setting all dragons on...Read more

forgotten realms - Does Faerûn have a Norse- or Celtic-analogue culture? - Rol

I'm invited to Adventure League. AL has strict rules on character and lore setting.I greatly enjoy Faerûn of Forgotten Realms, as I read Avatar Series, First 4 books of Drizzt Do'Urden, reading Dragonlance now.I'm also DM on personal campaigns, but don't run currently Faerûn campaigns.I did some research, tried many searching variations but couldn't find any lore wise guidelines of similar atmosphere like Vikings, Norse lifestyle or Celtic lifestyle. There are obvious gods like Talos who mimics Perun or Thor if you wish and an even plane of Ysg...Read more

Which deities in the Forgotten Realms were once mortal? - Rol

My research indicates that the gods who were once mortals include the following:Azuth was once the mortal champion of Mystra and ascended to godhood after imprisoning Savras.Bane, Bhaal, and Myrkul (also known as the Dead Three) became gods when Jergal gave up his powers.Cyric once was a thief, but ascended to godhood during the Time of Troubles by slaying Bhaal.Finder Wyvernspur was once an accomplished bard and (after some trouble) killed Moander and claimed his divine spark.Gwaeron Windstrom was made a demigod by Mielikki after he killed an ...Read more