ford - 1990 F-150 Eating Alternators

My old truck has a problem with zapping alternators. It's a 1990 F-150 with a 5L V8.Specifically, I believe the voltage regulator is going out. Giving it a lot of gas seems to always be the event that causes it to pop, then the battery gauge slams over to max and the battery light blinks. After a few miles, the battery light goes solid and after that it won't start.Might be unrelated, but the cycle started after I had a couple of clogged fuel injectors cleaned. This caused a big uptick in power.My only guess it's it's a wiring problem, but I do...Read more

cel - 2001 Ford Explorer High Idle

My '01 Ford Explorer idles at 2300 RPM in Park. When I switch to Drive, it goes down to 1600 RPM. The Check Engine Light is on with code P1506.I have replaced the MAF, IAC, sparkplugs, sparkplug wires, TPS, coil pack, and EGR valve. I have cleaned the throttle body, Any ideas what might be causing this?...Read more

starting - 2014 Ford Focus won't start at all

My vehicle died on me suddenly on the road today. It was stuttering for a few minutes hard prior to it dying. When I tried to jump it nothing happened at all, not a click, not a turn over, anything.I'm aware that my model car had a recall last year for the canister purge valve & it causes excessive vacuuming & a faulty fuel pump but just haven't gotten it fixed yet. Could this be the issue? I'll also add that my mph & gas has be majorly decreasing & fluctuating the past week....Read more

Clutch Fault, Ford Fiesta ST 16 Plate

I need some advice please regarding my Ford Fiesta ST-3 2016. I had a problem about 3 months ago, I was driving and the clutch randomly slipped causing the revs to shoot up. It was on a Saturday so immediately called Ford on the following Monday. After explaining I can barely drive it, they told me to try and drive it to the garage on that Friday for them to look at it.On my journey there, I broke down on a dual carriage way and had to get AA to take me to Ford Evans Halshaw. After arriving I stated what happened again and they mentioned they w...Read more

ford - Trim around windshield is coming loose

Car: 2007 Ford Focus, 110,000 milesThe trim around the outside of the windshield started coming loose when I drive at highway speeds. It doesn't appear to have been attached with adhesive, but perhaps that came off already?The trim is a hard plastic and partially slips over the edge of the glass.So, two questions:Should I attempt to use an adhesive to reattach this?If so, what is the appropriate adhesive?...Read more

Ford Escort - Brake Fluid leak in car

I own a Ford Escort 1992, 1.9l, manual.Recently my default-idle had been really high and so I did some research and figured out that my brake booster probably broke. So I went to the junkyard and got a brake booster from a 93 Ford and replaced it. So far so good.The brake booster seems to work, however, I have to push the brake pedal almost until the bottom until the car is slowing down. Furthermore, recently (and this had happened with the old brake booster too at the very end) - brake fluid leaked INTO the car on the driver's side. It comes o...Read more

1996 Ford E350 Club Wagon - Brake pedal will not return

I have a 96' Ford E350 Club Wagon. When I press the brake pedal the brakes work great however the pedal does not return fully.I have bleed the brakes, exchanged all the old fluid, checked the few rubber brake lines it has, replaced the brake booster, adjusted the booster arm length both in and out and nothing has changed it! it has no return spring on the pedal nor a place to mount one. I am about to replace the master cylinder but would like some insight before going through with all that work and extra $. When removed, the master cylinder doe...Read more

1997 Ford Ranger brake pedal hard, air noise, not returning

Ever since I got a new motorcycle the truck has been sitting around, to the point that it has become alive with moss (we get a lot of rain and flexible temps, the truck is usually moist inside). I fired her up one day to do something and noticed that the brakes were extremely hard to push, so I just parked her and did whatever. The next day I noticed the battery was dead because the pedal had stuck in a position which engaged the brake lights. Just to note I've done no mechanical work other than an oil change in the last year.I've done a few...Read more

ford - Vacuum leak above brake pedal

1988 Mercury Colony Park - 302 engine/AOD transmission - Found a vacuum leak right above my brake pedal, I have no idea what these hoses go to and what they do (although I assume its associated with the brake booster.)The hissing fluctuates a little whenever I shift to Drive or overdrive, the hissing then dissipates whenever I step on the gas and builds back up when throttle is released.I removed the black vacuum line as pointed out in the pic, the then stops. I'm guessing there is a crack in the white half ring the lines hook up to. Also im no...Read more

ford - F150 blew out Dorman plug patch kit, safe to drive?

I have a 2005 F-150 STX (4.6L Triton) in which the spark plug in cylinder 3 blew out. I hired a mechanic to install a patch kit (he used the Dorman Help! Kit) and that kit itself also blew out of the engine. I'm currently working with the guy to try and get it fixed, but until then this truck is my daily driver, so my question is, if I disconnect the fuel injector to that cylinder, would it be safe to drive? It seems to run fine (other than being stupid loud again), but I don't want to risk it without another opinion....Read more

ford - Broken spark plug + Broken puller

My 2006 Ford Expedition 5.3L Triton 3-valve with ~140K miles has a broken spark plug in cylinder #3 (passenger side, 2nd from back). My mechanic tried a well-used puller, but it wouldn't grab. He then tried a brand new puller (like this) ...and it broke too! Pictures: removal will be ~16 man-hours of labor, so I'm wondering what else can be tried prior to that?Updates:The tip of the puller is stuck in the spark plug fragment.Here's what did come out versus a new plug: My mechanic attempted to (car...Read more

ford - Removing catalytic converters on a 2000 v6 Mustang?

I live in Oklahoma, so we don't have to get emissions checked. I have a 2000 v6 3.8l Mustang. I bought the car for $3500 at 70k miles (it was a really good) so I don't want to spend more money than I have already done with maintenance (around $1000/ brakes, other stuff, etc) to make the car "better". Would removing the catalytic converters cause any negative effects on the engine? Would it affect how it runs in a negative way? I'm not to worried about the ECU popping up a code, because I could always take my ECU to get flashed (tuned) to run wi...Read more

ford - 2013 Focus SE Dash Vents not blowing AC or heat, all other vents work fine

The climate control in my 2013 Ford Focus doesn't blow anything out of the dash vents. Defrost and floor vents blow fine and I can select between them without issue, but when I select only the dash vents I can hear what sounds like baffles squeaking, but nothing comes out. It is the same for AC and heat. Initially, if I moved back and forth from the dash setting, eventually it would work with the dash vents and they would stay working until I moved to switch to another setting. Where should I start looking for the issue?...Read more