arabic - How do I transfer several glyphs at once from one font file (otf) to another?

Basically, I have a few font files that currently have Latin alphabet glyphs and I want to import Arabic characters from a different font file to these font files. Yes, the Arabic glyphs are from a free-for-personal-use font, in case anyone was worried about that, and the Latin characters are from my own intellectual property. I just want to find a way to import all of the Arabic glyphs in a quick way that does not involve doing them one at a time. Is there a known quick-and-easy method? Thanks....Read more

barcode 128 TTF font does not get recognized by the barcode reader

2]2 downloaded the code-128.ttf true type font on a Windows 7 machine.After the above 128 ttf font installation, I opened a word document and entered the number 0001023813752. Then, I selected the number, right click on the number and changed the font type to the new installed code-128.ttf.It does change the number to look like a barcode, but the issue is when I try to scan it using a barcode reader gun or any barcode reader mobile app, it does not get recognised. Meani...Read more

Problems printing barcodes / barcode fonts

Im trying to update a peice of software we have where a barcode is generated by a font then printed out, only the problem is that our barcode scanner cant read a number of the barcodes generated with this font.I have verified that the font is the problem here through various testing and have been given another EAN-13 (Code 3 of 9) font but no documentation, and I cant seem to find the seperation character that goes in the center of the barcode.So, my question is firstly does anyone know if an EAN13 barcode needs this seperator character, and se...Read more

fonts - code128 encoded string error

I have installed code128 font in C:/windows/fonts from this websiteand I have used java methods to generate string of barcode but when I put the result string in MS word I have this where is the problem knowing that I have installed the font and use the code from the same website...Read more

barcode - Ean 13 Font does not read from scanner

I just downloaded ean 13 font. I'm writing a barcode in word example: 5200095632132 but when I print it, my scanner can't read it. Am I doing something wrong? In other barcode fonts I read that you need to place '*' as character start and end. Like * 5200095632132 * But in this font when i put * doesn't generate it to barcode line.This is how my barcode looks like:And this is how a barcode generator software creates the same barcode:...Read more

Barcode fonts not working in LibHaru PDF lib

I am trying to use barcode font(ADVC128C.TTF) in libharu but it is not printing(throwing exception - Unsupported ttf format). I have used HPDF_LoadTTFontFromFile() to load font file. How do we print the barcode by using LibHaru pdf library? Could you please help me into this?Thanks & Regards,Santosh Kadam....Read more

fonts - Unity3d 3D Text always displayed Blur

While similar questions have been posted before, but none actually suited my Case where Orthographic Camera is also involved, so culling logic would be different.So, in my scene I have a orthographic camera and I want to display 3D text, after following the steps as per the official documentation : text is still blurred, while the one shown in the example seems perfect.Is it only supported for selected font types?Are there any more references to fixing this problem?Looking f...Read more

Font and Viewport libgdx

I'm currently struggling a lot with FreeTypeFontGenerator from libgdx.Here is my code : public class FontTestScreen extends ScreenAdapter { private static final float WORLD_HEIGHT = 100; private static final int FONT_SIZE = (int) (WORLD_HEIGHT/10); private Viewport viewport; private SpriteBatch batch; private FreeTypeFontGenerator fontGenerator; private BitmapFont font; public FontTestScreen() { fontGenerator = new FreeTypeFontGenerator(Gdx.files.internal("calibri.ttf")); batch = new SpriteBatch(); /* S...Read more

add - How can I use the font "Glyphicons" with the FPDF library?

I'm trying to use the "Glyphicons" (We bought it for 59$ to have the complete font with 610 icons and font quality not images) with the FPDF library. Here is what I've done :Create the required files for the fond with help of MakeFont I get dozen of warnings saying that some usual characters are missing (it's normal, I don't want them but only pics defined by Glyphicons) :Warning: Character underscore is missingWarning: Character grave is missingWarning: Character a is missingWarning: Character b is missing....glyphicons.php + glyphicons.z gene...Read more

cross platform - Xamarin Forms Custom Fonts CrossPlatform

I'm following the Fonts Tutorial proposed by Xamarin to have a custom downloaded fonts over each plateform. However, I got lot of problems and I also try to find a way to do some things but whitout find how to make it works.First, take a look at the tutorial and begin at the concerning part. Using a Custom FontiOS:It says that we have to add the font.tff into the Resources folder.Then, we have to do something with the Info.plist, but what? I'm not sure to understand what I have to do.Androïd:Xamarin.Forms for Android does not currently expose t...Read more

xamarin.forms - Xamarin Forms - UWP Fonts

I come here today, one more time about the same question... I can't find, in spit of every either post or question I could see, or answer I got about it..How does work custom fonts with UWP?I red the tutorial and honestly, I think I know it as a child who knows is *** poem ! I tried so much but nothing work...font = "/Assets/Fonts/Roboto-Light.ttf#Roboto Light";font = @"\Assets\Fonts\Roboto-Light.ttf#Roboto Light";font = "./Assets/Fonts/Roboto-Light.ttf#Roboto Light";font = @".\Assets\Fonts\Roboto-Light.ttf#Roboto Light";font = "/Fonts/Roboto-L...Read more

xamarin.forms - New Font Not Showing

The new font is not being applied to my xmal label. I've placed thefont entry in the info.plist and changed the properties as directed.Build Action = none Copy to output directory = always copyThe font is not being implemented, Am I missing something??Xmal code snippet: <Label x:Name="fontName" Text="Welcome to My Music!" VerticalOptions="Center" FontSize = "Large" HorizontalOptions="Center" > <Label.FontFamily> <OnPlatform x:TypeArguments="x:String"> <On Platform="iOS" Value="S...Read more - XLabs ExtendedLabel change fonts does not work in Xamarin.Forms for UWP app

ITNOAI have Xamarin forms project and I want to use ExtendedLabel for use own custom fonts in PCL project. when I follow ExtendedLabel instruction every things is ok for Droid project but when I want to run UWP project I see my fonts dose not apply for any label. the interesting note is when I use Xamarin built-in label and set FontFamily property with font name.ttf#friendly name pattern every things is ok for UWP project but ExtendedLabel does not show correct fonts in UWP app.Dose anyone have idea to resolve UWP project problem?I am using:Vis...Read more

Render SVG font in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw

I'm developing a project that produces SVG files with custom embed fonts. SVG font definition I compose as SVG font tag with help of or Batik SVG Toolkit. The resulted SVG file I try to open in following applications:Adobe Illustrator CS4 - text has default font and message noticed about font not found in systemCorelDRAW X5 - text has default font and any messages don't noticedBatik SVG Browser (Squiggle) - renders text correctlyThe problem is all modern typographies use CorelDRAW and Abode Illustr...Read more