Fontawesome 5 error - TeX

I am using the latest fontawesome package for latex version 5.9.0 and it seems that not all icons are usable. In thw following MWE \faIcon{phone-alt} says it is not found.\documentclass{article}\usepackage{fontawesome5}\begin{document}\faIcon{phone}\faIcon{phone-alt}\end{document}I am getting the following errorfontawesome5 error: "icon-not-found" The requested icon phone-alt was not found. For immediate help type H <return>.EDITThis is the last part of my log file. *File List* article.cls 2014/09/29 v1.4h Standard LaTeX document class...Read more

fontawesome5 instead of fontawesome in komacv? - TeX

In the most recent version of fontawesome5 when used with komacv, for example with a try of an MWE\documentclass[11pt,a4paper,sans,,DIV=12]{komacv}%\usepackage[pro]{fontawesome5}%\faStyle{light}%\usepackage{xunicode,xltxtra,refcount,amsmath,amssymb,amsthm}\usepackage[german]{babel}\usepackage[languages={english,german}]{komacv-multilang}\begin{document}\faIcon{envelope}\end{document}Introduces three errorsLatex Error: /usr/local/texlive/2019/texmf-dist/tex/latex/fontawesome5/fontawesome5.sty:80 LaTeX3 Error: Command '\faRepeat' already defined!...Read more

fontawesome - bulleted items in a table in awesome cv - TeX

I am working on awesome cv (downloaded from here). I got an answer form @egreg on how to put items in columns. But I want to change the appearance of the bullet items. Here is hes answer with default templates commands and style of itemize:\documentclass[]{awesome-cv}\usepackage{multicol}\newenvironment{cvitems*}[1][2] {\setlength{\multicolsep}{0pt}% \vspace{-\baselineskip}% \begin{multicols}{#1} \begin{cvitems}} {\end{cvitems}% \end{multicols} \vspace{-\baselineskip}\vspace{2mm}}%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Personal Data%%%...Read more

What are the changes in the fontawesome package - TeX

I am trying to use the fontawesome package, however the following "alt" does not seem to produce anything.\documentclass{article}\usepackage{fontawesome}\usepackage{booktabs}\usepackage{verbatim}\begin{document}\begin{tabular}{lc}\topruleCommand & Icon \\\midrule\verb+\faCamera+ & \faCamera \\\verb+\faCameraRetro+ & \faCameraRetro \\\verb+\faTable+ & \faTable \\\verb+\faFile+ & \faFile \\\verb+\faFileAlt+ & \faFileAlt \\\verb+\faPicture+ & \faPicture \\\bottomrule\end{tabular}\end{document}The \faFileAlt does not pro...Read more

fontawesome - fontawesome5 doesn't work in the \cvsection of altacv.cls - TeX

I am using the AltaCV class.When using fontawesome5 package in the \cvsection command as:\cvsection{\faHandsHelping \ Volunteer}I get the below error: ! Package fontawesome5 Error: The requested icon HANDS-HELPING was not found. For immediate help type H . ... l.11 \cvsection{\faHandsHelping \ Volunteer}When using outside \cvsection fontawesome5 works fine but not in it. Can anyone help me with what's wrong with the \cvsection command. Here is the code\newcommand{\cvsection}[2][]{% \bigskip% \ifstrequal{...Read more

FontAwesome 4.2.0 problem - TeX

IntroductionI'm using updated TeXlive 2014 and the fontawesome package version is 3.1.1.The newest version of FontAwesome font is 4.2.0 and it contains icons for Linux and StackExchange.So I downloaded the bundle from here and just replace the FontAwesome.otf in/usr/local/texlive/2014/texmf-dist/fonts/opentype/public/fontawesomeAfter that I run texhash.The codeI have a (huge) tex file with a lot of material and also the code\def\faSkype{{\FA\symbol{"F17E}}}\def\faSE{{\FA\symbol{"F18D}}}\def\faLinux{{\FA\symbol{"F17C}}}It compiles with no error ...Read more

fontawesome package in w32tex - TeX

I want to use the fontawesome package in w32tex. I downloaded the latest version (4.4.0 2015-07-30) from CTAN. I put it (maybe) to the right place and prepared the following simple source file: \documentclass[11pt]{article}\usepackage{fontspec,fontawesome} \begin{document}\faFlag \faRocket \faTwitter \faCopy\end{document} After compiling the file with lualatex, I got the following error:! LuaTeX error ...xmf-dist/tex/luatex/luaotfload/luaotfload-fontloader.lua:5496: font loading failed.<to be read again> \scan_stop: l.45 \newfontfamily{\F...Read more

Hourglass in fontawesome package - TeX

The following does not work:\documentclass{standalone}\usepackage{fontawesome}\begin{document}\faHourglass\end{document}I get:Use of \faHourglass doesn't match its definition \endThis is the only symbol in the fontawesome package that does not work for me. Any ideas why?...Read more

Fontawesome briefcase styles - TeX

\documentclass{article}\usepackage{fontawesome5}\begin{document} \faBriefcase[light] \faBriefcase[regular] \faBriefcase[solid] \end{document}Fontawesome site shows 3 styles for the briefcase icon: I can't get them to work in my document, this code shows the same icon repeated 3 times....Read more

fontawesome package deforms orginal font style - TeX

Why do I notice a shift and deformation in the fonts when I use the fontawesome package.The firs image doesnt use the fontawesome package and the font looks thicker and neat, when the package is included its thinner.MWE 1: without fontawesome pack: \documentclass[10pt]{article}\RequirePackage[T1]{fontenc}\usepackage{times}\usepackage{calc}\reversemarginpar%\usepackage[paper=letterpaper, %%includefoot, % Uncomment to put page number above margin %marginparwidth=1.2in, % Length of section titles %marginpars...Read more

Fontawesome style: Solid, regular, light - TeX

Is it possible to specify the style for font awesome:?For example, \faAlignJustify has three different styles: more

fontawesome - How to use Font Awesome 5 with fixed width - TeX

What I need is basically this: How to use fontawesome with fixed width? but using the new fontawesome5 package.There, they redefine \faicon command but it has been changed in the new version. Fontawesome5 defines \faIcon as:\NewDocumentCommand\faIcon{s O{\str_use:N\l_fontawesome_style_str} m}{ \fontawesome_use_icon:nn{#2}{#3\IfBooleanT{#1}{-alt}}}So, theoretically, this should work:\documentclass{article}\usepackage{fontspec}\usepackage{fontawesome5}\usepackage{xparse}\RenewDocumentCommand\faIcon{s O{\str_use:N\l_fontawesome_style_str} m}{ \m...Read more

Incorporating fontawesome into texlive to allow for compilation - TeX

Ultimately I want to make use of the fontawesome package, however I am getting build crashes running the code below. I believe this is due to the fact that fontawesome is not installed, but am having issues with determining/fixing this problem.\documentclass{article}\usepackage{fontawesome}\begin{document} Hello\end{document}I am compiling through pdflatex via atom and the script package on linux mint.TeX has been installed on my computer through texlive via command line. tlmgr --help does work to provide a lengthy list of help content, but th...Read more

Windows logo from fontawesome does not work - TeX

I was looking at an answer here that suggests to use Font Awesome to get the Windows logo: Is the Windows logo available?However it does not seem to work here, and when I copy/paste the code I don't get any logo. Could you explain how to use the Windows logo from fontawesome?\documentclass{article}\usepackage{fontspec,fontawesome}\newcommand{\faWindows}{\FA\symbol{"F17A}}\newcommand{\faLinux}{\FA\symbol{"F17C}}\newcommand{\faApple}{\FA\symbol{"F179}}\begin{document}\verb|Windows:| \faWindows \par\verb|Linux :| \faLinux \par\verb|Apple :| \faA...Read more