flowable - runtimeservice.getVariables does not work because it can't find process instance id

I'm new to flowable and I'm trying to start a process instance with variables. params here is the Map of <String,Object> that I'm using to start the process. It all goes well, but if I try to get my variables back it tells me "execution 22f42f67-5f88-11e9-9df0-d46d6dbfea92 doesn't exist"But if I search for it in my process instances list, is there. This is what I do:pi = runtimeService.startProcessInstanceById(processDefinitionId, params);runtimeService.getVariables(pi.getId());I'm stuck with this problem and I do not understand why it ke...Read more

Start/stop a process instance in flowable

I'm looking for a way to start/stop/resume a process instance in flowable. In the docs I haven't find anything. All I've found are the operations for start/suspend a deployment process.Runtimeservice does not have start/suspendProcessByInstanceXXX, at least for what I've found. Are there ways to achieve this?I don't want to delete running process and then restart, I want to suspend it....Read more

Access to JSON values of array (Flowable )

Im creating a flow that calls a web servcice and then it reads and show the values. But can't view values of result.myArray[0].SECCION. When I look in debug mode it has values but flowable cant show themScreenshot 1: Only view json objScreenshot 2:looking at my value of 0 position called SECCIONThe JSON values result of calling web service:https://www.codepile.net/pile/47zzGQ7mThanks in advance!...Read more