floats - How to use accentend characters in newfloat - TeX

I am using \newfloat to redefine numbers of Figures, as explained here.I used the following code:\documentclass[12pt,a4paper]{article}\usepackage[latin1]{inputenc}\usepackage{graphicx}\usepackage{caption} \usepackage{newfloat}\DeclareCaptionType[fileext=ext]{Grafico}\begin{document}And worked. But I would like that the captions of the new floats to be called as Gráfico 1 -When I try:\DeclareCaptionType[fileext=ext]{Gráfico} I got an error.How can I do it?...Read more

In ConTeXt, why are my float elements 'overlapping' between columns? - TeX

Here is an extract of a document I produced. On the right column, the red background stops for the height the left column table, even though it should not.If I remove the table on the left, then the block on the right is correctly drawn (red background and dark red border around all text).Here is a minimal working example that lead to the issue:%---------------------------------------------------------------------% Document main configuration\setupcolumns[n=2,balance=no] % document columns nb, fill 1st col first% Exemples floa...Read more

floats - How to add babel translations to cleveref-based cross-references to my custom floating environment? - TeX

I created a custom float environment, but my translations of the labels for use with cleveref are not working:\cref@addlanguagedefs{brazilian}{% \AtBeginDocument{% \Crefname@preamble{frime}{quadro}{quadros} \Crefname@preamble{frime}{Quadro}{Quadros} }}Everything is working fine with standard "objects" (such as figure and lstlisting) as shown below:How can I correctly add brazilian translations for the labels used by cleveref-based cross-references for frime-type floats?\documentclass[brazilian,12pt]{memoir}\usepackage{captio...Read more

floats - Side-by-side subfigures, MATLAB export, textwidth - TeX

EDIT: This might be solved with just the knowledge of what size \textwidth in points or centimeters is with this setup.I have the problem of exporting MATLAB figures to LaTeX and keeping the font size of the axis labels. I want to achieve the right export size to have two figures side-by-side reaching the whole textwidth. (See the figure which have too small axis font size)As I don't export my figures with the right width in MATLAB, LaTeX will scale the picture and the axis labels will change in size. MATLAB's export setup allows me to export e...Read more

floats - error in memoir: Command \newfloat already defined - TeX

Using this preamble:\documentclass[pdftex,11pt,a4paper,openany]{memoir}\usepackage[brazil]{babel}\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}\usepackage[T1]{fontenc}\usepackage{indentfirst}\usepackage{latexsym}\usepackage{amsmath,amssymb,amsfonts,wasysym}\usepackage[pdftex]{graphicx}\usepackage{wrapfig}\usepackage[left=3cm,right=2cm,top=3cm,bottom=3cm]{geometry}\usepackage{color}\usepackage[dvipsnames]{xcolor}\definecolor{darkgray}{gray}{0.3}\setcounter{secnumdepth}{3}\setcounter{tocdepth}{3}\usepackage[pdftex, colorlinks=true, linkcolor=darkgray, citecolor=blu...Read more

floats - I get an error when using subfigure with memoir - TeX

I made an article and insert several subfigures in that as follows:\begin{figure} \centering \begin{subfigure}[b]{0.3\textwidth} \includegraphics[width=\textwidth]{fig6_1} \caption{Increase} \end{subfigure}% \begin{subfigure}[b]{0.3\textwidth} \includegraphics[width=\textwidth]{fig6_2} \caption{Increase} \end{subfigure} \begin{subfigure}[b]{0.3\textwidth} \includegraphics[width=\textwidth]{fig6_3} \caption{Increase} \end{subfigure} \caption{Round}\end{figu...Read more

positioning - Float after paragraph on the same page - TeX

I always put my float environments at the end of the paragraph where it was first referenced.But I have a problem when the paragraph is split over two pages (beginning at the bottom of the first page and ending at the top of the second page). The float could be placed easily at the top of the first page, because it is referenced directly in the first sentence of the paragraph which is on the first page even if the float is on this page too. But Latex puts the float on the second page resulting in a half empty first page (because of the now miss...Read more

packages - How to place floats between paragraphs? - TeX

I have read multiple questions on this site like How to influence the position of float environments like figure and table in LaTeX? and it seems to me that default behaviour of floats is not what I need.The behaviour that I would like:If there is eneough space left on the page -> place float where it is called. Start the next paragraph after the float.Else place it in queue and check after every following paragraph -> if float can be placed there -> do it.What float actually does is either splits some paragraph (on page breaks) leaving single ...Read more

floats - Why is an empty \line added when \insert is used? - TeX

Consider the following example:\tracingonline=1\tracingoutput=1\gdef\makefootline{} \gdef\makeheadline{}\insert\topins{\vbox to\vsize{\hrule height \vsize width 300pt}}\endThe log file contains this:Completed box being shipped out [1]\vbox(643.20255+0.0)x300.0.\vbox(643.20255+0.0)x300.0..\vbox(643.20255+0.0)x300.0...\rule(643.20255+0.0)x300.0Completed box being shipped out [2]\vbox(643.20255+0.0)x469.75499.\vbox(643.20255+0.0)x469.75499, glue set 633.20255fill..\glue(\topskip) 10.0..\hbox(0.0+0.0)x469.75499..\glue 0.0 plus 1.0fillIt is not clea...Read more

floats - Is there a general command to disable indentation of paragraphs after figures and tables? - TeX

I am typesetting a manual, that uses normal indentation for paragraphs. The pages have a lot of figures and tables and I would like to have the paragraph after tables and figures to have no indentation. Currently I just use \noindent, but I am sure there is an easier way?Can anyone explain how this is achieved after sections? It might give me a pointer as to how to write a macro to do this....Read more

floats - How can I stop LaTeX from overriding instructions on spacing? - TeX

I'm using LaTeX to typeset my thesis, using a class that some students at my school wrote to typeset according to the graduate school formatting requirements. The class uses the setspace package to double-space the document.The problem that I am having is that LaTeX is deciding of its own volition to spontaneously revert to single spacing for paragraphs (or fragments of paragraphs)! It appears to be related to floats, as moving the declaration point of two table floats can make one of the instances double-space properly. However, the floats do...Read more

Indentation and floats - TeX

I usually only allow paragraphs to be indented when there's a need for them to be: only if the previous "element" could be confused and thus "merged" with the paragraph in question.In practical terms, this means that there's no indentation after a \medskip or \bigskip, nor after itemize or enumerate, nor after displayed math.Now, when typesetting floats it's hard to enforce this style: I'd like to leave no indentation after a float (in my opinion, it's hard to confuse things here).Given, a paragraph may well finish "flush" to the right margin a...Read more

margins - Custom geometry for page with floats - TeX

I have a special page for floats (i.e., with [p]).In my real code it is a longtable in a table. Because of space issues I want to change the margins of the page with that float. How do I set a new geometry only for the float pages?This is not a duplicate of the linked question as that solution does not work in the case of a float page.An MWE with a \hrule to indicate the margins of the float page:\documentclass[a4paper]{article}\usepackage{geometry}\usepackage{lipsum}\begin{document}\lipsum[1] \begin{figure}[p] \hrule \caption{A horizonta...Read more