eclipse - How can I unit test Flex applications from within the IDE or a build script?

I'm currently working on an application with a frontend written in Adobe Flex 3. I'm aware of FlexUnit but what I'd really like is a unit test runner for Ant/NAnt and a runner that integrates with the Flex Builder IDE (AKA Eclipse). Does one exist? Also, are there any other resources on how to do Flex development "the right way" besides the Cairngorm microarchitecture example?...Read more

Can you use Amazon S3 via Flex?

Due to the lack of clientaccesspolicy.xml, there appears to be problems with using Amazon S3 via Flex. Are there any work arounds?Edit: Both of the below answers are great and work, I've upvoted both (I'm not going to assign an answer to the question as they both work):Can you use Amazon S3 via Flex?Can you use Amazon S3 via Flex?...Read more

How do I display a PDF in Adobe Flex?

Looking for a way to display a PDF in Flex. I'm sure there are several ways. Looking for the easiest to maintain / integrate / most user friendly. I'm guessing it's possible to display a browser window in the app and render it, but if it goes off of IE / FireFox it's not acceptable for this project.Thanks......Read more

Flex: List displaying wrong until scrolled

I have a List, that is not showing any items until you scroll, then the items show up. Does anyone know how to fix this? I tried calling list.invalidateDisplayList(); and list.invalidateList(); But with no luck.Any ideas?Thanks.EDIT: Here is some code:<mx:Script> <![CDATA[ [Bindable] private var _xmlList:XMLList = new XMLList(); override public function set data(value:Object):void { this.setStyle('borderColor','#cc6666'); var xmllist:XMLList = XML(value).children(); _xmlLi...Read more

Flex 3: Deselecting Toggle Button Through UIComponent Reference

I've got some buttons that have toggle set to true. I'm trying to re-set the button's state to unselected. But, I can't access the button directly like: button.selected=false. I'm accessing the HBox's children which are the buttons. UIComonent doesn't have a selected property. So, how do I de-select the toggle in this bit of code below?for (var j : int=0; j < theHBox.numChildren; j++){ var child : DisplayObject = theHBox.getChildAt(j); var myButton:UIComponent = child as UIComponent; myButton.setStyle("borderColor", "blue"); myButton...Read more

flex - How to pass "Null" (a real surname!) to a SOAP web service in ActionScript 3?

We have an employee whose surname is Null. Our employee lookup application is killed when that last name is used as the search term (which happens to be quite often now). The error received (thanks Fiddler!) is:<soapenv:Fault> <faultcode>soapenv:Server.userException</faultcode> <faultstring>coldfusion.xml.rpc.CFCInvocationException: [coldfusion.runtime.MissingArgumentException : The SEARCHSTRING parameter to the getFacultyNames function is required but was not passed in.]</faultstring>Cute, huh?The parameter ty...Read more

actionscript 3 - Is S3 usable in Flex through a browser?

I am aware that Amazon S3 is usable in Flex via an AIR application ( Can you use Amazon S3 via Flex? ) but was curious if the same applied to a browser ( swf ) compilation of Flex source.At it states that:"It only works in Apollo because of restrictions in thebrowser player." (Apollo is the code name for what is now called AIR- the desktop runtime.)Does anyone have any experience with this and can confirm otherwise?Thank you.EDIT: No one has tried this?...Read more

flex - How to animate through a rainbow of colors on a bitmap image

I have a bitmap (bitmapData) that I'd like it to change colors over time. I've seen examples of applying a color transform and I couldn't get it to work. Also, with those examples they only apply one color. I would like to animate through the ROYGBIV range. Note: I am dynamically loading images. I don't want to tint the image I want the color in the image to change if that makes sense....Read more

actionscript 3 - how to sort a flex datagrid according to multiple columns?

I have a datagrid, populated as shown below. When the user clicks on a column header, I would like to sort the rows using a lexicographic sort in which the selected column is used first, then the remaining columns are used in left-to-right order to break any ties. How can I code this?(I have one answer, which I'll post below, but it has a problem -- I'll be thrilled if somebody can provide a better one!)Here's the layout:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><mx:Application xmlns:mx="" layout="absolu...Read more

flex - what is the difference between invalidateList and invalidateDisplayList?

I have a DataGrid, populated with objects in an ArrayCollection. After updating one of the objects' fields, I want the screen to update. The data source is not bindable, because I'm constructing it at runtime (and I don't understand how to make it bindable on the fly yet -- that's another question).In this situation, if I call InvalidateDisplayList() on the grid nothing seems to happen. But if I call invalidateList(), the updates happen. (And it's very smooth too -- no flicker like I would expect from invalidating a window in WIN32.)So the ...Read more

How To set selected Item for DropDownList On DataGrid in Adobe Flex?

I have DropDownList rendered on DataGrid. My Datagrid consist of two columns, first column consist Name of Item while second column consists DropDownList(with labels to assign to that item).I'm able to load to fetch label values from database and load them to each row consists Item name and DropDownList with label data loaded into it.Now what I want is, I want each drop down to show Label associated to that particular Item.My Flex Code:<mx:DataGrid id="IdDgItemLabelDisp" left="10" right="10" top="39" bottom="10" dataProvider=...Read more

datagrid - Provide two data providers at a same time in a data grid in flex 4

Can we provide 2 data providers at a same time in a data grid in flex 4. If yes, how ? Please explain with example.<s:DataGrid id="dgDest" dataProvider="{destProds && ??}" width="100%" height="100%" editable="true" selectionMode="multipleRows" gridItemEditorSessionStarting="dgDest_gridItemEditorSessionStartingHandler(event)" paste="dgDest_pasteHandler(event)" > <s:columns> <s:ArrayList> ...Read more