flash cs5.5 - Is my .fla file destroyed?

I am using flash cs5.5While saving the fla file my computer froze, and I had to shut down the program. Now I am trying to get back into the file and it wont open...Is everything I have done lost forever??and I cant get any movieclips out...I think I am going to get fired. This is going to be very bad if I cannot recover the file somehow....Read more

convert swf to video in Flash Pro CS5.5

I have searched the web and here for answers but so far, the links are dead, the how-tos no longer work for the version I have, or there are no answers.I have a swf animation with full sound and scripting that I'd like to convert into a video or an flv. For some reason, the site I post on screws with my timeline somehow (the timing is off, sounds no longer match up properly with the text) so I thought a video would work better.I tried using File>Export>Export to movie to resolve this. I tried to export to an AVI. When it's scaled down to 300x40...Read more