flash - After transform.colortransform on mc, can't change textfield's color within mc

I'm trying to change the color of a textfield that is inside of a movie clip, in a game. I change the color of the movie clip using this: var newColor:ColorTransform = new ColorTransform();//color change newColor.color = 0x000000; circle.transform.colorTransform = newColor;This works fine. However, I have added a textfield to circle, using this.addChild(), called A (public var A:TextField = new TextField(), which I have set to have a white color). When I try to change the color of the text of A, using A.textColor = 0xFFFFFF, after using ...Read more

flash - Problem trying to dynamically create a tabbed navigation with dynamic text

Hi everyone, I'm creating a tabbed navigation from an XML file. However for some reason my loop only creates textfields for the active tab and the last tab (in this case the 4th tab).> You can preview my Flash here. < (I turned textfield borders on)My Issues:1. The Active Tab (light colored tab) does not size correctly based on the width of the textfield2. My loop for some reason skips the 2 middle tabs, but correctly sets the 4th tab.XML Tab titles:This is first tab2nd TabThe 3rd TabThe 4th and last tabIt seems that the 2nd and 3rd tabs get...Read more

adobe - Textfield display issues in some versions of Flash Player

I was just wondering if anyone else has come across some strange textfield display issues in any of the recent Flash Player releases. Both IE and FF were having display problems, both in slightly different ways. FF would simply display the text as if it were a single line field, no wordwrap, whereas IE would display the text vertically, Chinese style. These are classic dynamic text fields, compiled in CS5 by the way.The issue seems to occur when you assign text to a field when its x coordinate is off the stage, then move it onto the stage after...Read more

flash - Simple sound pause/play toggle button

I have a website with a simple sound pause/play toggle button. I want to recreate this flash button to change a few things around there (the current button I got from someone else). I am a novice to flash (and programming of any kind in general).Here is the functionality that I need:The website loads and music starts playing automaticallyUpon clicking the music icon, it pausesUpon clicking the music icon again, it resumes playingThe icon has no animation. It is just a static icon that I would import from PS (.png).That simple!I only have access...Read more

flash - How do I reverse my sound volume math for my volume slider?

I'm building a video player and am kinda stuck at the volume slider part. It's a YouTube style vertical slider, meaning if the slider is in the top position volume should be 100% and if the slider is dragged to the bottom position sound should be 0. Currently it's doing the opposite of what I want :(Dragging the slider down will make the sound louder, while dragging up lowers it.Here is my code below dealing with the volume slider.// Sound Controller Settings ······························ soundController = new SoundController(); soundContr...Read more

flash - Dew Audio player not working in blogger

I have an mp3 file in google sites and I want to play that file using Dew player.I have used the below code<object align="right" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="/dewplayer-mini.swf" width="160" height="20" border="0" id="dewplayer" name="dewplayer"> <param name="wmode" value="transparent" /><param name="Movie" value="/dewplayer-mini.swf"/> <param name="flashvars" value="mp3=test.mp3"/> </object>...Read more

caching - Flash CS4 refuses to let go

I have a Flash project, and it has many source files. I have a fairly heavily-used class, call it Jenine. I recently (and, perhaps, callously) relocated Jenine from one namespace to another. I thought we were ready - I thought it was time. The new Jenine was better in every way - she had lost some code bloat, she had decoupled herself from a few vestigial class relationships, and she had finally come home to the namespace that she had always secretly known in her heart was the one she truly belonged to. She was among her own kind.Unfortunately,...Read more

shockwave activex plugin load flash then call video-js-swf function

Env: win10,vs2015,adobe flash 26,.net framework 4.I try to load video-js-swf in MFC application in 'ActiveX' way.I alread load the .swf file with code in MFC.CString str = _T("path.swf");m_flash.LoadMovie(0, str);But I can't use m_flash.CallFunction() to call the function inside .swf file,here is my code:CString temp = _T("<invoke name=\"vjs_getProperty\" returntype=\"xml\"><arguments><string>defaultPlaybackRate</string></arguments></invoke>");CString test = m_flash.CallFunction(temp);the .swf project main co...Read more

What does Flash's soon end-of-life mean for developers?

In 2017 Adobe announced that Flash will hit End-of-life in 2020. Everybody says that Flash is old already and we should go for WebGL now. Why is it bad that Flash is old and is not updated? How does Flash's end-of-life threatens development of new flash-games? What are the risks of still using Flash over WebGL. I know Flash won't work on Mobile but I target desktops only. Isn't it quite fine for desktops?...Read more

flash - How to check if a movieclip has stopped rotating/spinning

I have a script where I press a button called spin_btnand once it is released it spins a wheel. Here is the AS for spin_btn:spin_btn.onRelease = function(){ speed = randomRange(25, 900); spinning = true; if (spinning) { spin_btn._visible = false; }};Here is the AS that makes the wheel spin:_root.onEnterFrame = function(){ spinning = true; if (spinning) { spinner_bg.spinner_wheel._rotation += speed; speed = speed * drag; if (Math.pow(speed, 2) < .0001) { speed = 0; } ...Read more

flash - AS 2.0 dynamic Text in Movieclip

I'm using ActionScript 2.0 and I do not have control of dynamic text inside movie clips. I have a movie clip named 'Glass' and dynamic text named 'Glass_ID'I want Glass_ID Value become Glass_ID01 when clicked the button named 'btn' but it doesn's work how to i'm solve it? on(press){this.Glass.Glass_ID.text ="Glass_ID01"}...Read more

flash - Actionscript 2 particles

I know this is old technology but I just want to an update to a flash xmas card I send out. Basically I use particles script (found below) that follows my mouse and spews out some gold particles. I would like to object this some how so that it follows behind an tweened object that goes across the screen . I was thinking it might be a case of changing the event listener to something but cant figure it out.EDIT - My object is a movieclip called sleighAny help appreciated.Script (AS2)//import bitmap classimport flash.display.BitmapData;//Settingsv...Read more

actionscript 3 - Flash toggle button

I need a button in Flash/AS3 that toggles between on and off. So I was glad to see that the Button class has the toggle property that lets me have that behavior. I was less happy to see that what I get when I make something a "button" in the Flash file is an instance of SimpleButton class, which does not have that option.Is there a way to either get a Button instance from the .fla, or get the SimpleButton to behave as a toggle?...Read more

Disable/Enable buttons. Flash AS2

Flash CS4, AS2I am making a Flash tour. I have 3 sections: About, Rentals, Neighborhood. All the sections are within MCs on the same Frame. I am using conditonal statements on the Nav buttons to turn the visibility on/off in order to navigate the tour. However, now when the same button is pressed, the MC toggles on/off. I want to disable the button when it is pressed and then enable the button when the other two buttons are pressed.How do I write this code?Thanks!...Read more

AS2 flash menu, that doesn't let inner buttons work properly

I'm using a flash menu builded with AS2. It does what it's supposed to: if you click a button in the menu, this button goes in a selected status, most important, this button fades out only when another button is released. you can see the demo here:http://activeden.net/item/buttons-section-selected/6100It works with this code:**//SET STAGEStage.scaleMode = "noScale"//SET BUTTONS TEXT (Here you can change the buttons name)b1.MC_btnTxt.TXT.text = "Button 1";b2.MC_btnTxt.TXT.text = "Button 2";b3.MC_btnTxt.TXT.text = "Button 3";b4.MC_btnTxt.TXT.text...Read more