fixed - Admin Dashboard layout with Bourbon Neat

Is there a way to make a sidebar with a position fixed and make the content align to a grid like Bourbon Neat?A good example of what i'm trying to do is like the bourbon neat doc page: don't want the sidebar to resize I want it fixed, I want the first columns of the grid to start directly after the sidebar. Maybe there is a simpler solutions but this is the only one that comes in my mind. I know without a grid I can make a content-wrap div with a left margin that span the size of my sidebar. But I ...Read more

How does the plm package handle fixed effects - one dummy for each individual or one less?

I am currently trying to get used to the plm package and tried to make a fixed effects with individual effects (just for the sake of doing it, please ignore the misspecification) with the plm() function and then with the lm() function. I found that I can only replicate the results of the plm() regression when I include a dummy variable for EACH individual N in the lm() regression. As far as I know, there should always be N-1 dummy variables included in the regression only. Does anyone know how plm handles the individual fixed effects? The same ...Read more

lazarus - How to avoid having a fixed column when adding columns dynamically to a TStringGrid at runtime?

I am using Lazarus have a standard TForm with a standard TStringGrid on it. The string grid has no columns or rows on it at design time. In the Object Inspector the following values are set.ColCount = 0Columns = 0FixedCols = 0FixedRows = 0RowCount = 0I want to add a number of TGridColumns at run time, and have been able to do so but always get a fixed column, which I don't want. I have written code very similar to the sample below to do so. When I compile and run it I get the following. How do I get rind of the fixed column at run ...Read more

css - Fixed positioned div within a relative parent div

I am currently building a responsive website and need a menu to be fixed, thus not scrolling when the rest of the site scrolls. the issue is that it is a fluid layout and i want the "fixed positioned" menu item to be fixed relative to the containing parent element and not to browser window. is there anyway this can be done?...Read more

Fixed nav overlaps main content

I am using Materialize CSS framework and when i use fixed nav bar i have an issue nav bar overlaps main content and page title (take a look at attached images) although it looks good on small screen size: <header> <div class="nav-wrapper"> <nav> <a href="#" data-activates="nav-mobile" class="button-collapse hide-on-large-only"><i class="material-icons">menu</i></a> <a class="page-title">Page Title</a> &l...Read more

acumatica: Fixed Asset entry

In acumatica ERP, I'm trying to place fixed asset items that are already recorded in the trial balance. (So I basically just want to add them to the fixed asset subledger)How should I use the 'update GL' option button in the preferences; given that I don't want a new asset to increase the fixed asset GL account?I'm a good enough accountant to correct the trial balance even if an item is 'posted to GL' when I don't want it to. But as I try and 'release' an addition: i'm getting this error:"Error: An error occurred while processing the field Ac...Read more

overlap - Table columns overlapping with table-layout fixed

I'm having a bit of a problem with my table columns overlapping when the table has 'table-layout: fixed' CSS property set to it.The column on the left is responsive, with a min-width set. The column on the right has its width fixed, and is floated right. When the browser is resized, the right column begins to overlap the left column, ignoring its min-width.When I take away 'table-layout: fixed' (so it defaults to auto), this doesn't happen. But this is undesirable because in older browsers like IE7 the page doesn't render very well, unlike IE8 ...Read more

dojo - dojox fixed="top" doesnt work, is this the right way to do it?

i generate my heading with javascript but it isn't fixed on the top. Firebug shows that there is no fixed="top" in the html code. I do it this way. This is the way to do it, isn't it?:var newAlarmHeading = new{ id: "headerAlarms", dojoType: "", back: "zur&uuml;ck", moveTo: "previousDivNode", fixed: "top", label: "Meldungen",});newAlarmHeading.placeAt("divAlarms",'first');...Read more

fixed - CSS Z-index for second row of Horizontal Navigation

I have a horizontal navigation bar which I'm playing around with; the idea is fairly simple and certainly not new; hover on the top row and an appropriate sub-menu appears beneath. Both levels are shown horizontally.What I want to do is have a top-border on the sub-menu which 'loops' above the parent item. So far, I've added a border to the top, left & right of the parent <a> and also a top border to the sub-menu <ul>, but I can't hide the sub-menu top border when it is below the parent item.I've tried adjusting the margin of th...Read more