firebase - How to implement Push notification in xcode 7.3

I want to implement older Firebase notification any link for older SDKs and old Pod versionI am using Xcode 7.3 and I want to implement firebase push notification butdue to latest pod I can't run project and comes error in FIRMessagingDelegate and FIRInstanceID I install both pod but method is not working. func application(application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [NSObject: AnyObject]?) -> Bool { // Override point for customization after application launch. FirebaseApp.configure() let notificationType...Read more

firebase - Issue while installing pod

Added Firebase pod for Cloud Messaging(Push notification) pod 'Firebase/Core'pod 'Firebase/Messaging' Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64: "__T09Alamofire11URLEncodingVAA17ParameterEncodingAAWP", referenced from: __T09App0A3ApiO4task4Moya4TaskOfg in App.o "__T09Alamofire12JSONEncodingVN", referenced from: __T09App0A3ApiO4task4Moya4TaskOfg in App.o "__T09Alamofire11URLEncodingVN", referenced from: __T09App0A3ApiO4task4Moya4TaskOfg in App.o "__T09Alamofire12JSONEncodingVAA17ParameterEncodingAAWP", reference...Read more

can't get nativescript-plugin-firebase demo app to work

I'm trying to get the nativescript-plugin-firebase demo app of Eddy Verbruggen to work but i keep getting errors, please helpthis is a link to the demo: have the newest Google Play Services and Google Repository installed and done all the things that were told in the tutorial but still no succesD:\s_a_m\nativescript\firstProject\weernietgoed>cd D:\s_a_m\nativescript\firstProject\nativescript-plugin-firebase-demo\FirebaseD:\s_a_m\nativesc...Read more

Firebase - Issue Setting up Firebase Cloud Messaging

I'm having some difficulty setting up push notifications with my Firebase app. I followed this tutorial to the letter on setting up cloud messagingI'd like mobile devices to be able to receive notifications, so I add the requestPermssions() function directly to my index.html <!-- Firebase --><script src=""></script><script src=""></script><script src=" more

unity3d - Should I change dependency version of admob unity to match firebase?

I was using admob, gcm & google analytics. Now I'm moving to firebase. But neither analytics nor admob works with firebase. For analytics moving to firebase analytics. But admob is needed.Problem is because, firebase uses play services version 11.0.0 specifically. But admob & google analytics uses version "LATEST".Now jar resolvers pulling 11.0.0 for firebase and for other two taking 11.0.2. And therefore duplicate classes are there and build fails.I can solve it by changing the "LATEST" to 11.0.0 in admob's dependency resolver class.B...Read more

How to determine `isReady` for Firebase/Admob interstitial Ad

For iOS, admob comes with isReady field to determine if ad is ready to be shown. Now I am integrating Admob to my Android game in cocos2d-x and i am following this official guide: (interstitial_ad->LoadAdLastResult().status() == firebase::kFutureStatusComplete && interstitial_ad->LoadAdLastResult().error() == firebase::admob::kAdMobErrorNone) { interstitial_ad->Show();}The condition is slightly different from the iOS isReady API. After ...Read more

firebase - Can Firestore update multiple documents matching a condition, using one query?

In other words, I'm trying to figure out what is the Firestore equivalent to this in SQL:UPDATE table SET field = 'foo' WHERE <condition>`Yes, I am asking how to update multiple documents, at once, but unlike the linked questions, I'm specifically asking how to do this in one shot, without reading anything into memory, because there's no need to do so when all you want is to set a flag on all documents matching a condition.db.collection('table') .where(...condition...) .update({ field: 'foo', });is what I expected to work, Collectio...Read more

codenameone - Adding firebase to Codename One

I am developing my app using the Codename One framework and using Firebase to store my data in the cloud. In order to use all Firebase potential I would like to add it to my app, but since I am not using Android Studio nor Xcode, I don't know how I can do this.¿do you know if it is even possible to add Firebase to Codename One?...Read more

firebase - Listeners not being updated in Firestore

I'm trying the new Firestore. I had a system with the Realtime Database working fine but the new features that allows Firestore made switch from Realtime to Firestore before releasing. I managed to migrate most of it, but I'm getting errors due to the fact that the listeners do not listen to new changes, and the changes take longer to be received in the database.EDITEDExample: I publish an article, and this article needs to be reviewed before publishing, so it's in an "articlesUser" collection in a document with a field "status" and value "pend...Read more

firebase - How to count documents in cloud firestore?

I'm having issues implementing a counter using the firestore DB. I have a collection of documents where the document has a field that is updated at some point.Collection Object Field:true Object Field:false Object Field:trueI need to count all the fields where the value is equals to true. The app is updated from multiple devices at the same time.How can I accomplish this? Do I need to use the distributed counters approach o just with a cloud function would be enough...Read more