The Elusive Man's Private Fire Department

For this alternate universe, we have an eccentric billionaire in a modern day setting. He's a resident of a fairly large city - several million in the metro area - and he is very fond of it. However, the city's administration is known for being inefficient/corrupt, and no other apartment is more plagued by this than FictionalTown's fire department.The fire department has a lot of free riders in its employ, and those that are actually trying are woefully stretched thin and low on manpower and resources. Emergency calls are responded to at what c...Read more

Fire under electric stovetop element

I was cooking and I saw flames shoot up from under the oven element ... why might this be, and what can I do to prevent this? I wasn't too concerned because it wasn't the food that was on fire but rather just something under the element, and fortunately the stove is metal, so there shouldn't be a huge fire hazard ... correct?...Read more

Did I just almost start an oil fire?

I wanted to make some burned onion rings, so I chopped up some onions and let it cook in oil on the stove. Heating the oil was taking a long time so I decided to leave the oven alone for a bit.I came back after hearing the oil making crackling sounds and I immediately turned off the heat. When I lifted the lid slightly to assess what had happened, the oil suddenly started crackling again violently. Did I just almost start a fire? As I understand, there can be no fire without oxygen, and by lifting the metal lid I introduced oxygen. Also my enti...Read more

Fire side cooking

Last week we had a pretty strong winter storm which knocked out our power. We have an electric stove which of course puts a cramp in cooking. However i do have a fire place and cast iron, so i tried cooking with the fire. Haveing never done this before I decided a stew would be easiest. So i chucked a bunch of stuff in the dutch oven, put it close to the fire and let it sit for hours. In the end it needed a long time to be done (5 hoursish) but it turned out ok.Anyway, does anyone have some suggestions as to the type of food that might led it...Read more

Fire + Smoke disappears

I am creating a presentation for a conference on cancer radiation therapy. This includes a 15 second animation of a linac machine.I'm trying to show a helix of smoke created by the machine spinning around the patient (That's the best idea I had sorry). But there is just no way I can keep the fire going. It disappears after frame 90.I would appreciate any advice. Thanks. I have to attach the file because I have tried for a long time without success.In the end I would like to show a helix of smoke (or any other material) with something like 8 or ...Read more

fire - How to avoid exploding rocks

It seems that every tutorial I read and show I watch shows people using rocks for everything from a cooking surface to boiling water. However, I have had rocks crack in half on me, and I've always been warned that they can explode from rapidly expanding moisture embedded within them.How much of a risk is this and how is it best avoided? A nice flat rock is a great cooking surface in the woods, so if there's a safe way to use them, I would like to....Read more