filepath - How to get internal shared storage and sd card file paths of document files?

I am trying to get file paths of videos from internal shared storage and sd card.I have randomly saved videos in random folders in internal shared storage and external storage. public ArrayList<String> getVideosPath(Activity activity,Context context){ listOfAllImages = new ArrayList<String>(); Cursor cursor; final String[] columns = {MediaStore.Video.Media.DATA, MediaStore.Video.Media._ID}; final String orderBy = MediaStore.Video.Media._ID; //Stores all the images from the gallery in Cursor cursor = getContentReso...Read more

filepath - How to prevent MSYS from converting remote file path for pscp

I'm using msys2 bash 4.3.26 (i686-pc-msys) on Windows, and recently I find that it breaks my pscp and scp (msys1):When I run pscp hostname:/home/user/xxx/yyy/:msys will change the second args to hostname;D:\msys\home\user\xxx\yyy\and then pscp will report: ssh_init: Host does not existmy scp which is from msys-1.0 (I once used git-for-windows 1.9) reports ssh: Could not resolve hostnamehostname;d: no address associated with nameThis is annoying and I have to open cmd.exe to use pscp. Is there any way to prevent MSYS 2 from convert specia...Read more

filepath - php Programming Fatal Error Class 'input' not found in /home/adminl0gin/public_html/login.php on line 21

I've been having this issue for a few days now and though I have made some progress I still have not gotten anywhere. The main issue is finding the classes and autoloading them dynamically as needed. The end result is the outputted error you see in the title of this post. File structure is as followsinput.phpcore/classes/init.phploader.phpBelow is the corresponding code:login.php (Line 21) if (input::exists()) {init.phpif (!defined('BASE_PATH')) {define('BASE_PATH', dirname(__FILE__) . 'classes/');require 'loader.php';Loader::Register(...Read more

filepath - Show file path in the tab when there are several files with the same name

Please take a look at the screenshot:As you can see there are 3 tabs with 3 different "index.xml" files opened.I've been looking for an option to show something like "folder/file.extension" in the tabs name to be able to differentiate the files, but I can't find anything.Using "Go to file" is not very helpful either, because the name of the path for all the files is so long that I can't see the folder containing the files.Any ideas?CheersUPDATE:It's possible to increase the 'Go to file' panel width using the mouse and Komodo will remember the s...Read more

filepath - Get Wine path of file

Is it possible to get the Wine path to a file on the current OS? Example:wine-get-path ~/foo.txt # Outputs: Z:\\Users\Tyilo\foo.txtwine-get-path ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/explorer.exe # Output: C:\\windows\\explorer.exewhere wine-get-path would be the function I need....Read more

filepath - Dynamic file path in SPSS

Currently I save files to the absolute file path SAVE OUTFILE='my/path/to/file.sav'. This is not optimal, so I would like to save files to dynamic/relative file paths like SAVE OUTFILE='file.sav'.So I need to set current directory, but this works as above as well CD 'my/path/to/' and then save. But I am wondering if SPSS can't set directory automatically when opening files? We are usually a lot of people working with same syntaxes and we will always have to change the absolute file paths.Edit: As Jignesh Sutar have stated I can as well use pyth...Read more

filepath - Join elements of a list into a path

I've got a list and I need to join th elements to form a path. os.join.path does not seem to work. The list is obtianed as: file_path.split("\\")[:-1]this returns: ['L:', 'JM6', 'jm6', 'test', 'turb', 'results', 'v6.2', 'examples']Using: print(os.path.join(file_path.split("\\")[:-1]))returns exactly the same list without joining it into a path: ['L:', 'JM6', 'jm6', 'test', 'turb', 'results', 'v6.2', 'examples']Using: print(os.path.join(os.path.sep, file_path.split("\\")[:-1]))returns the error: print(os.path.join(os.path.sep, fil...Read more

filepath - Is my file path for including an ejs partial correct?

My ejs header partial is in a directory below my index.ejs so the file structure goes: app/views/index.ejs app/views/partials/header.ejsWhen I deploy locally with 'heroku local web' my static site works fine and I can navigate it. But when I try to deploy it online with 'heroku open' it errors: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/app/views/partials/header.ejs'. <!-- header --><% include partials/header %>What can I do?Link to Github...Read more

Is there a way to auto-identify tag synonyms which differ by *only* a hyphen?

Note: There is a nice background discussion on this here: Should tags take the form foobar or foo-bar?. This discussion is not part of this question however:I'd like to go through and propose a bunch of synonyms for tags as either filepath -> file-path or file-path -> filepath.My Question: Is there a way through the Data Explorer or Advanced Search or tag page to identify the tags which only differ by a hyphen?...Read more

filepath - Pentaho Data integration transformation, Internal.Transformation.Filename.Directory not set

I'm trying to use the built-in Internal.Transformation.Filename.Directory variable. I take as an example a simple sample the Pentaho Data Integration provides,CSV Input - Reading customer data with error logging.ktr.Here is the tooltip after CTRL+SPACE in a variable aware field:However I do exactly the same as in the sample my variable has no value:Any ideias? I've briefly checked Pentaho forum however the only related issue I found does not seem to answer my question.I'm using Ubuntu and PDI version 4.2.1.Thanks in advance....Read more

filepath - How to get path to the vim being executed in vimscript

For example, in directory /abc the command vim def/my.txt would edit file /abc/def/my.txt. I want to get the path /abc in my vim plugin script, but I don't know which function can do it.I have read related articles, like (Please add http:// to following items if you want to access, I don't have enough reputation to post more than 2 links o(╯□╰)o ) to get path to the current vimscript being executedBut useless.Thanks.====================...Read more

filepath - How to find a file path in current java directory

I have a function that gets a file path as an input. input file is located in a folder in my project (etc/xsd/template.xsd). how can i set this path?this ia my function:JAXBUtilityTool tool = new JAXBUtilityTool("etc/xsd/template.xsd","");and it can not find the file "etc/xsd/template.xsd"System.getProperty("user.dir") does not help since when I add the rest of path to it: System.getProperty("user.dir")+ "etc/xsd/template.xsd"result is c:\eclipse\myworkingdirectory\project/etc/xsd/template.xsd...Read more