Could an "undo vote" option be added, for close votes? - Rol

This is probably good to be considered for any types of votes, but I'm especially asking about the close vote because of the special significance they have over the usual up/down voting.This was brought to mind by a particular post: Is it practical to run a weekly lunch-hour game of D&D with my coworkers?The original wording of the thread was something along the lines of "Is it a good idea to...". I voted to close because the question's wording made it too susceptible to being subjective/argumentative. I also made a point to (as I've sug...Read more

How to deal with the suppression of minority answers inherent in the system? - Rol

This question drew my attention to the method used for minority opinions in questions that don't have a clear cut answer. While I understand the democratic approach to answers, what seems to happen in practice is viewers read through the top answer (or maybe the first few) and upvote or downvote as they see fit. This makes answers below those receive less attention in general than others which is frankly undemocratic, similar to the suppression of opposition in totalitarian regimes (not that this is to that level). Anecdotally, the posts I've h...Read more

Can we add something to the FAQ?

I feel like the last 10 question reviews I've done have been someone solely wanting to remove a "thanks!" from a new user's question. This is a "too minor" edit, and honestly as a reader I don't care if the poster has been kind enough to thank us for our time.I'm not seeing anywhere in the FAQ a list of guidelines about how to edit someone else's post. Can we add some suggestions? Preferably which include something to the effect of "If all you're doing is taking out a 'thank you' or making a title into title case where it was sentence case, it'...Read more

Ensure that guidelines for critique and font-identification questions (and similar) are highly visible to new users

The more often important guidelines are mentioned and linked, the more likely a new user is to read them before posting a question, which in turn makes it much more likely that the user actually follows the guidelines and thus asks a better question and also reduces frustration, quarrel, etc.However, until recently the guidelines for font-identification questions and critique questions were neither mentioned in their respective tag wikis nor in the help center’s on-topic section. I changed the tag wiki on font-identification questions (but not ...Read more

Do we want tag alerts for font-identification and critique questions and how should they be worded?

This is a follow up to this question, where we got offered the opportunity of creating special tag alerts for font-identification and critique questions.Tag alerts are special, tag-specific info messages that pop-up whenever the author adds certain tags to a question they are composing. To such an alert in action, begin asking a question on Stack Overflow and add the SQL tag to it. You can read more about tag alerts on here.Now, to this question:Do we want such tag alerts for font-identification and critique to inform users about how to best as...Read more

Where's that Font-ID tag alert?

We've got shiny new font ID guidelines. But there's nothing telling people what the guidelines are until after they've asked the question and someone's closed it - and so every new font ID question is not following the guidelines. What's happening with that tag alert? Telling people the rules clearly and concisely before they post is a pretty important ingredient to having them follow the rules.I think users aren't even notified when their questions are closed. Right now:We have a system where users are falling foul of a rule they're unaware of...Read more

New Duplicate Feature

It's been pointed out to me (thanks Cai) that Gold tag-badge holders and moderators can now edit duplicate linksThis allows us to mark multiple duplicates in an easier and more organized fashion.I'll be perfectly honest and say I'm not going to search out multiple duplicates most of the time. I also wouldn't expect any of you to do that. If you happen to know one you want to add though feel free.If people vote to close for different duplicate questions then they should all show up....Read more

Is it possible to have favorite tags trump ignored tags?

I have four tags favorited and about eight or nine ignored. For example, gimp is ignored because I don't use it. The problem I'm finding is that if someone posts a question tagged with multiple tags—and one of those tags is something I've ignored—the question gets greyed out even if there are tags I am interested in. For a random example, here's a post tagged with gimp that has nothing to do with Gimp, really: Is it easy to convert an image to a cartoon with high quality? My feature request would be to allow favorite tags to trump ignored tags,...Read more

Font-identification exceptions: identifiers don't work with slight distortions

About the closing vote at this question: What is the font used in Sega ads during the 90's?It's clear that the OP didn't put all the things he tried before. But, to avoid immediate closing votes in the future, there are some things to verify, at least visually. I add two samples of identifications from the web owner of this font Extension RR ExtraBold, identification is made with an original image, match the font at first:This is made with the same image horizontally scaled, no match:Should this exception appear somewhere?...Read more

Revisiting closure, part 3.3: Close reason(s) to replace “tech support”

Main questionAs there is consensus on refining our scope with respect to tech support, the next step is to rephrase the respective close reason accordingly.As we have one free slot for a custom close reason, it is possible to replace it with two close reasons.This question is simple: What new close reason(s) should replace tech support?The current close reason is: This appears to be a tech support question about fixing technology to work as advertised. Please edit the question so that it pertains to using technology to solve a design problem. ...Read more

Improving some close reasons

The current close vote reason for help with implementation is as follows: If you're asking for help with implementation, please include what you've tried and why it didn't work with screenshots. Please edit your post with what your desired results are, what resources you referenced and why those didn't work. See this meta post for discussion and see this post on how to ask a good question.And the font-ID/critique one is this (emphasis not mine): Your question appears to be incomplete. More detail is needed for relevant and focused answers to ...Read more

Should we have a "Blatantly off-topic close reason?"

Many stack exchange websites have a close reason, "Blatantly off-topic"UX:English:Money / Finance:We don't have this though. Was there a particular reason why we seem to be in the minority of SE sites that don't have (actually the only one I've seen)? If not I think we should add it. I often find myself wanting to edit the off-topic reason from "...because this question is about" to read "...because this is not about graphic design."...Read more