Decrease the relevancy/weight of a particular Managed Property in Fast Search

I have crawled a external database using jdbcconnector of Fast Search. Along with this there are certain other content sources also there. I want the result of the external database should be at the bottom in the results.For this I have also the decrease the priority of managed property. I have also applied negative boost the managed property using powershell but it is still showing the results at the top.How to make the results from an external database show at the bottom in search results?...Read more

Fast Search Server 2010 Crawl

I am new to FAST. I have a quick question on FAST/SharePoint Search. For example, i have 1000 items in SharePoint List called ListA. First time, when i do full crawl, my 1000 items will get crawled and indexed. When i do search for particualr item i can see in the search results page. I Added more 500 Items from ListA. Then i did incremental crawl, i searched for an item which is Added from 500 items. Now i can see the item. Thats correct.Here is my question.: Without doing the incremental crawl, is it possible to get the results back ?...Read more

Error while replacing self-signed certificate with CA certificate in FAST server

I am trying to replace the self-signed certificate used while installing / configuring FAST server with a new certificate issues by my CA authority. I am following the tecnet article I verified that the new CA certificate is installed in local and Trusted certificate store. However when I try to run the command:.\ReplaceDefaultCertificate.ps1 -thumbprint "98 3c......"I get the following error:Error trying to check if FASTSearchAdministrators has access to certificate At D:\FASTSearch\installe...Read more

fast for sharepoint - Is there any best way to insert and retrieve data from sp list

namespace Gridwebpart.VisualWebPart1{ public partial class VisualWebPart1UserControl : UserControl { protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (!IsPostBack) { SPWeb site = SPContext.Current.Web; SPList list = site.Lists["GridList"]; SPListItemCollection items = list.Items; DataTable dt = items.GetDataTable(); Gridnames.DataSource = dt; Gridnames.DataBind(); } } protected voi...Read more

What's the difference between Sharepoint Workspace, Groove Workspace, and Shared Folders? says: SharePoint Workspace 2010 (No More Groove) provides much more features like taking SharePoint Site content Offline. The content(documents, lists) can be edited offline and synced once connected in Network/SharePoint server. Shared Folder is just like a open space where documents or files can be stored. It can't be compared with SharePoint Workspace. If you want to keep single copy and all your devices are always connect...Read more

fast for sharepoint - Switching to non-default Search Provider in OOB Search WebParts

Our SharePoint environment is configured with SharePoint Search as the default search option and FAST Search as the secondary search option.We have a bunch of host header site collections which are dependent on SharePoint Search and have a few new ones which need to work against FAST. One of our tenants (site collection) have developed custom webparts to work against the FAST service proxy directly.Now for another new site collection, is there a way to switch the Search provider in the OOB webparts?Upon doing some research, I have found the Sea...Read more