services - 2 SharePoint 2013 servers in a farm

I will have 2 SP servers in 1 farm and the customer asked that the servers be on the NLB. I installed the services and web app on the 1st server and the question is:Should I install the same services (Search, UPS, MMS) on the 2nd server after joining the farm, or it will be running on the 1st server only?Also should the service installations be changed to reflect the 2nd server or NLB will handle the load?...Read more

Connect to Remote SharePoint Farm with C#

I have a SharePoint Farm with 25 servers. I was asked to build a new server out of the SharePoint to pull the information from SharePoint Farm and store in SQL Server in different server outside of the SharePoint Farm within the Same network. I will need to use to C# and SQL Server to pull the information from remote SharePoint Farm. I have already installed SharePoint in my local development box. How do I connect to remote SharePoint Farm with C#. I have the Farm Administrator User Credentials. How do I connect to the SharePoint Farm wihtout b...Read more

farm - SP database access account explanation

I created sp_farm accont which i set as database access account during psconfig during SP13 installation.Once i logged to CA with sp_admin account and when i checked farm administrators group i see only sp_admin there and builtin/administrators which is fine.If sp_farm acc is not the farm administrator and i don't use it to login to ca, what rights (beside sql roles) does it have and what should it be used for?...Read more