facebook graph api - NER model to recognize Indian names

I am planning to use Named Entity Recognition (NER) technique to identify person names (most of which are Indian names) from a given text. I have already explored the CRF-based NER model from Stanford NLP, however it is not quite accurate in recognizing Indian names. Hence I decided to create my own custom NER model via supervised training. I have a fair idea of how to create own NER model using the Stanford NER CRF, but creating a large training corpus with manual annotation is something I would like to avoid, as it is a humongous effort for a...Read more

facebook graph api - SSL certificate error on deauthorization callback

Our certificate validates fine on digicert's validation site.Following error messages are seen in our server side log, when Facebook sends a deauthorization callback in response to the application removal:1326154676 2012.01.09 16:17:56 LOG3[30722:4057095072]: SSL_accept: 14094418: error:14094418:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:tlsv1 alert unknown ca1326154676 2012.01.09 16:17:56 LOG4[30722:4057095072]: SSL_accept error occured for client ip = note that the SSL handshake seems to work if I use the callback API to register...Read more

Use a web crawler to get data from a Facebook page

I'm a little bit lost for the moment trying to write my thesis.I need to collect data from a facebook page, for later use them for network analysis. I need to collect for each message posted: ID of the message posted Content Type (picture, link, text or game) ID and name of the person who has posted the message Date of the creation of the message If it is case, dates of the possible updates Number of likes Names and IDs of the likers Number of shares Names and IDs of the sharers Number of comments Name and ID of the commentator + ...Read more

facebook graph api - VCR is not recording cassettes on successful requests, only on failed ones

I have a simple test to fetch one Facebook object. I'm using Curl for the request.it "gets an object from Facebook" do VCR.use_cassette('facebook') do url = "https://graph.facebook.com/<ID>?access_token=#{@access_token}&#{query_string}" curl = Curl::Easy.perform(url) expect(curl.body_str).to eql('<my object>') endendMy VCR configs are:VCR.configure do |c| c.cassette_library_dir = 'spec/fixtures/vcr_cassettes' c.hook_into :webmockendWhen I run the tests, it passes, and the following is logged:[Cassette: 'facebook'] I...Read more

Replicate a Facebook page and all its content

I would like to achieve the following:GET all posts from a page and their related content (attachments, likes, visibility, tags, shares, comments, creation time...)POST all that content in a new pageAssuming that I am admin of both pages.I know that it's pretty straight forward to loop over the feed of a page and get all the posts' information. However, I'm not so sure about the POST part:I guess that Facebook doesn't allow to "clone" people'slike/shares/comments below each post, on their behalf?Considering that I will delete the first page, wi...Read more

facebook graph api - Storing large encrypted files on Heroku

We have developed a Facebook application that runs on Heroku. The application generates encrypted text that needs to be stored quickly. Currently, the text is simply written to a text file on the Heroku server, and this is not a scalable solution.The data will eventually be downloaded to our local machines, but it is essential to have a reliable intermediate storage between the app and the local machine due to the inability of downloading rapidly at our end.Would you recommend S3 for this purpose? Any alternatives?...Read more

Facebook Graph API: Can't get all friends of a user with a graph v1.0 (old) facebook app

We have a facebook app which surely with open graph 1.0 (app created before May 1th, 2014, and can be switch to v1.0 with graph API explorer). The problem is, we can't get all friends from user from /me/friends - the API just behaved like 2.0 - return friends who also install this facebook app. We heard rumors that if someone (app administrator) once call the open graph API v2.0, it will be switch to v2.0 and never come back. Is this true?...Read more

Get data from advertising Facebook account from Marketing API

I want automatically collect data from fb ad account with marketing api.There is an facebook app, which has access to advertising account (with access level = development). App has product 'Marketing API'.Got access_token (app_id|token) like this:GET https://graph.facebook.com/oauth/access_token?client_id=<app_id>&client_secret=<secret>7&grant_type=client_credentialsWhen i try insights methodGET https://graph.facebook.com/v2.8/act_<ad_account_id>/insights/?access_token=<access_token>i got an error"message": "Unsu...Read more

How to check facebook custom audience standard events woking in facebook tag API

In my website, I am trying to track video viewers and I have installed Facebook pixel code and used following code below pixel code.fbq('track', 'ViewContent', { content_name: AudienceId, content_ids: [AudienceId], content_category: AudienceId, value: 1.50, currency: 'USD', referrer: document.referrer, userAgent: navigator.userAgent, language: navigator.language});I have created customer audience from Ads manager > Audiences > Create a custom audience > Website traffic.After 5 days, In my website log and Google analytic, unique views...Read more

How Facebook ad loads on Facebook once the Facebook pixel drops on the browser

I'am trying to load the ad on Facebook based on the pixel, I have created the Custom Audience rule {"and":[{"event":{"eq":"Audience"}},{"or":[{"segmentName":{"i_contains":"Hi"}}]}]} of type website and linked product catalogue and it has total 12 product in a selected product set and also catalogue has associated Pixel.In this case how Facebook loads the ad?? if we drops the pixel once in the browser is Facebook loads the ad Immediately?? or also it has to pass the bidding process to load the ad on Facebook??More info regarding Audience { "...Read more

facebook graph api - Service to upload images to multiple social networks from button on website

I am working on a html5 canvas art tool ( http://bit.ly/AtFoRQ ) and I would really like to find a drop-in solution to allow users to share the image they have just created with their facebook, flicker, twitpic, in one shot; does anyone know of a service like this?Basically I'm looking for something almost exactly like addThis, but that actually uploads image data (so in facebook it would upload photo to the users album, etc). shareKit for iPhone apps actually does this (the uploading of the raw image data through the apis), but unfortunately ...Read more

Facebook API permissions issue for Instant Articles

I am trying to make a POST request to the Facebook API to create instant articles, like so:curl \-F 'access_token={access token}' \-F 'html_source="<!doctype html><html>blah blah blah</html>"' \-F 'published=true' \-F 'development_mode=false' \https://graph.facebook.com/{page-id}/instant_articlesI am an admin for the app, and when I debug my access token, the scope shows email, pages_show_list, pages_manage_instant_articles, public_profile, but the request returns this error: {"error": {"message":"(#200) Requires pages_mana...Read more