faa approval - How do CFIs typically determine proficiency for complex and high-performance endorsement?

I'm working on getting checked out in our flying club's Arrow II. Our club's insurance requires 10 hours of instruction if you don't have any retractible time. I've done a few hours with an instructor, and he signed off on my complex endorsement, which I also need from an FAA standpoint. So I'm FAA endorsed, but I need more time to satisfy club insurance.§61.31.(d)(2)(e)(i) says: (i) Received and logged ground and flight training from an authorized instructor in a complex airplane, or in a flight simulator or flight training device that is rep...Read more

faa approval - Why did an iPad software failure cause a return to the gate?

I was amazed to read this which implies that a software failure on iPads caused departing flights to return to the gate.I used to be an avionics engineer up until a point before the current generation of consumer electronics and now develop "field" apps for phones and tablets. I know two things to be true. Consumer phones and tablets of all persuasions used in field applications have nowhere near the reliability of certified avionics. I own an iPad, amongst many other devices, and it does not get close to six nines reliability (as do non...Read more