virtual server - F5 BIG IP update VIP using REST API cause code:400, message:0107028c:3

I am trying to call my F5 Big IP REST API to update some VIP configurations, for example I want to update the VIP description using this command: curl -s -k --tlsv1.2 -u admin:password -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X PUT https://ManagmentIP/mgmt/tm/ltm/virtual/~MyPool~MyVIP_887 {"description":"THIS IS JUST A TEST"}I am getting this error: {"code":400,"message":"0107028c:3: The source (::%10) and destination ( addresses for virtual server (/MyPool/MyVIP_887) must be be the same type (IPv4 or IPv6).","errorStack":[],"apiErr...Read more

What does these F5 iRules mean?

I have no knowledge of F5 and trying to read these rules. If some one can help me understand them. Following rules is reading HTTP request and (defining variable INTRSSN?) getting a node and saving it in a persistence table.when HTTP_REQUEST {if { ( [HTTP::method] eq "POST") and ( [HTTP::path] equals "/webserv/Interaction") and ( [HTTP::header value "Content-Length"] < 1024 ) }{ #Debugging Purpose #log local0. "First Request: [HTTP::uri]" HTTP::collect [HTTP::header Content-Length] if { [info exists "INTRSSN"] }{ s...Read more

f5 LTM irule - can a pool name be generated in an irule

I need to setup a configuration for many similar environments. Each will have a different hostname that follows a pattern, e.g. env1, env2, etc.I can use a pool per environment and a single virtual server with an irule that selects a pool based on hostname.What I'd prefer to do is dynamically generate and select the pool name based on the requested hostname rather than listing out every pool in the switch statement. It's easier to maintain and automatically handles new environments.The code might look like:when HTTP_REQUEST { pool [string to...Read more

f5 - http redirect and change pool

My irule is;when HTTP_REQUEST {if {[HTTP::uri] starts_with "/xxxx"} {HTTP::redirect}if {[HTTP::uri] starts_with "/zzzz"} {HTTP::redirect}}This works as we expect it to. We have a virtual server on that has a pool (called say poolA, with a node called nodeA).What we want to do is modify the exisiting irule so that it not only does a redirect but also changes the pool. I tried the following;when HTTP_REQUEST { if {[HTTP::uri] starts_with "/xxxx"} { HTTP::redirect https://exam...Read more

f5 - REST Service not enabled in Bigip 12

I have BigIP VE 12.1 installed and activated with lab licence. I couldn't access it using Rest API. I researched questions related this and checked "service restjavad it is running fine still rest calls not getting any response. someone please help on enabling the Rest services...Read more

big ip - F5 iRule for UIE - Extracting a value from HTTP response payload/body

We are trying to write a iRule for the BIG-IP universal persistence module.Our mission is to extract and persist from a HTTP response payload/body an application unique identifier (something like a seesionid for us).Then use it in a consecutive HTTP requests.Note, this unique identifier return in text/xml/soap-xml response formats and there is no cookie involve here.We're having problem to write the TCL code for the extraction of our custom unique identifier from the HTTP response payload/body.We have checked these manuals and did not find exa...Read more

big ip - F5 redirect to different domain along with useragent

Our production application is configured with F5.If request comes from mobile to want to create rule is F5 to redirect to a different domain like doubt here is if the initial URL contains User Agent since users are browsing from mobile, after the rule is created is by default the User Agent is also passed along.The URL that we are trying to redirect to should also contain User Agent since my application renders mobile pages based on useragent.Thanks...Read more

big ip - F5 Web GUI cannot be access

We have a pair of F5 running in HA (Active/Standby Mode). the problem is the F5 node 2 some interface (selfIP) can be ping, but cannot be SSH or connect via HTTPS. All are fine on F5 node 1 (primary). All the configure are in sync. i have try reboot them all, but same case...Read more

big ip - F5 LTM config through tmsh - At least one monitor

f5-LTM version 11.6Hi,I'm looking for the syntax to create a pool via tmsh with 2 monitors (monitor_A, monitor_B)with 'Availability Requirement' set to 'At Least...' '1' Health Monitor(s)checked to no avail.It only shows the following syntax: create pool ... monitor [name]thanks in advance...Read more

f5 - Graceful disabling of LTM pool members

Does anyone know the API command to gracefully disable pool members such that1) Any new session is prevented by redirecting to a different member (server) on the pool.2) Existing sessions aren't disconnected.I have a pool of 5 servers and I would like to make API call such that only active sessions are kept, and no new sessions are initiated.So far I tried sending the following in my PUT request body{state:"user-up", session:"user-disabled"}But it looks like LTM still allows new connection to be there. I cannot seem to find the valid configurat...Read more

How to set connection limit for F5 BIG-IP_v10.2.3 using iControl?

set_member_connection_limit is not working/available.VERSION of F5: BIG-IP_v10.2.3I use iControl for JavaI know this method is not working because of too old version of F5.The question is:How to set connection limit for F5 older then 11.x using iControl (preferred Java impl.)I got error: AxisFault faultCode: {}Client faultSubcode: faultString: Unknown method &quot;{urn:iControl:LocalLB/Pool}:set_member_connection_limit&quot; faultActor: faultNode: faultDetail: { more

F5 LTM Load balancer Rest Java Api?

One of my client using F5 BIP-IP LTM software load balancer. I need to access to this LB and I need to read this LB and need to add servers to this LB using Java Program. I'm new to this API. Can you please help me or provide me the api's like Soap, REST, Or Direct JDK for this f5 software load balancer....Read more