external applications - Is it possible to load and riggify FBX format from not Blender software?

I'm trying to buy some models from some sites, but models that I want to buy doesn't support Blender.Fortunately, looks like they also provide FBX files so that I can import from Blender, but there is one thing that I'm worry about.If I import that FBX model and rigify or do something to make animation, does it causes unexpected behaviors or errors?Final goal of this is using in Game Engine actually, and if it has problem, I can't use it.Any advice will be very appreciate it....Read more

external applications - What tool can I use to explore a scene created with blender?

I want to use a generic tool/game/app (either on PC, or on Android, or as a web page) that loads a scene, and allows me to move around in that scene at eye level, and look around. It's not just for me, it's also for friends and family, so it has to be super easy to install and start.15 years ago, I was exporting the scene as a Quake 3 map, then I would just "play" that map to explore it. That was perfect: easy to install, easy to load a custom map, nice feeling of walking around.What would be the right tool today?...Read more