ActiveSheet.QueryTables.add stopped working on mac excel 2016 version 16.9

Office 2016 on my MAC got upgraded today.I am now on Excel version 16.9.Since ever this update the following code gives an error code:ActiveSheet.QueryTables.add(Connection:="URL; code: Runtime Error 1004: Application Defined or Object Defined ErrorSame code works in Windows and on the MAC using Office 2011.Anyone else having the same problem?Any ideas how to fix this?...Read more

Excel 2011 - How to change output of textJoin from value of cell, to the cell name, so I can put it in Sum() to add those values

I'm using the textJoin UDF listed below to combine values from various rows into a single cell; it displays each value. However, I want to know if I can manipulate the output of this UDF so that instead of simply displaying the values I can add the values and get the sum of the values. Or ideally, if I can just modify variables to instruct it to ADD the values. Does anyone know if this UDF (which I didn't create) can be instructed to output the Cell names (A2, B2, C2), and if so can I put that output within the Sum() function so that it will ad...Read more

How to Create Online Skype Meetings for Outlook Appointments using excel VBA?

I am trying to automate the process of creating meeting invites in outlook. In this regard, I have the macro to create appointments in outlook from data in excel sheet.The challenge is, I have to convert them into “Online Skype for business meetings”.Basically a code to do the clicking of button “Skype meeting” have to be done. Request you to help me out!Thanks in advance...Read more

What to reference in place of WinHTTP in Mac Excel 2011?

I'm trying to download a file from a ftp site and populate an Excel spreadsheet with it. I'm barely familiar with VBA, but I've figured out enough that I know I need to use WinHTTP, or would if this was on a PC. Anyone know a workaround for a Mac? If not is there another way to get a text file downloaded and opened in excel?Sub SourceTextToFile(url As String, toFile As String) Dim Request As New WinHttpRequest Dim ff As Integer Request.Open "GET", url, False Request.Send ff = FreeFile Open toFile For Output As #ff Print #ff...Read more

.PasswordChar property of userform textbox not working in Mac Excel

.PasswordChar property masks the textbox input with whatever the symbol user chooses properly in Excel for Windows but not Excel for Mac. I worked through Textbox1_Change events, but It's not working efficiently. Can anyone hint me what should I do? Private Sub TextBox1_Change() Dim mystring As Variant Dim textlen As Integer Dim counter As Integer mystring = UserForm1.TextBox1.Value textlen = VBA.Len(mystring) If VBA.Right(mystring, 1) = "*" Then Exit Sub ElseIf VBA.Right(mystring, 1) <> "*" Then End If I...Read more

Excel macro vba script

I am trying to format a column in excel sheet where regular format datetime to date option is not working as I exported data in excel from clear quest. I need date column in mm/dd/yyyy format bis there a VB script that can do this....Read more

Excel macro create csv files from workbook sheets windows popup issue

I have an issue in converting an excel to csv file. My use case is to write a macro to convert each workbook sheet into csv file and zip them up to a single file. so my code goes like this 'OriginalWorkbook.Activate 'For the number of Sheets convert each into its own CSV fileFor Counter = SHCOUNT + 1 To Sheets.Count 'Export as CSV to the root folder Set wks = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(Counter) wks.Copy 'to a new workbook Set newWks = ActiveSheet With newWks fileSaveName = Application.GetSaveAsFilename(newWks...Read more