Evosuite test generation from command line on linux

I am using Evosuite from the command line in Linux and I get an error.the path for the project is: /home/ina/workspace/inathe target class files are located in: /home/ina/workspace/ina/bin/paketa1I use the command:java -jar evosuite-0.2.0.jar -projectCP /home/ina/workspace/ina -target /home/ina/workspace/ina/bin/paketa1Here is what I get:EvoSuite Found 2 matching classes in target /home/ina/workspace/ina/bin/paketa1Analyzing classpath (generating inheritance tree)/home/ina/workspace/ina/home/ina/workspace/ina/bin/paketa1Current class: Shembull2...Read more

Specify a coverage goal for EvoSuite

I would like to know whether I can specify a specific coverage goal (e.g., certain lines of a java file to be covered) before invoking EvoSuite. If it is possible, how should I put as command line? My goal is to obtain as many test cases as possible with my specified portion of code being covered. Thanks!...Read more

EvoSuite failing to connect to server

I followed the exact steps of the evosuite official tutorial (http://www.evosuite.org/documentation/tutorial-part-1/), and what I always get is this:IMAGEIt always says that "failed to register client service", then java exceptions were thrown due to connection failure. My device is perfectly connected to the internet. I tried to ping the connection site and there was reply. What should I do?...Read more

EvoSuite test generation stucks when using maven plugin

I Have followed steps given in the site to configure maven plugin. When I give "mvn evosuite:generate", it hangs with below detail in console. [INFO] Going to start job for: com.emirates.gws.service.grouprequest.GroupRequestServiceImpl.Following are the environment detailWindows 7maven-3.2.1jdk1.7.0_72Following are the detail shown in console [INFO] --- evosuite-maven-plugin:0.2.0:generate (default-cli) @ gws-grouprequest-implementation ---[WARNING] The POM for org.slf4j:slf4j-api:jar:1.7.12 is missing, no dependency information available[WARNI...Read more

Running evosuite generated tests in Eclipse

I have generated the test cases using evosuite from the command line in Linux.I try to execute the tests in Eclipse. I have imported in my project the evosuite-standalone-runtime-0.2.0.jar.All the imported classes regarding evosuite are marked with the error sign.import org.evosuite.runtime.EvoRunner;import org.evosuite.runtime.EvoRunnerParameters;import org.evosuite.runtime.testdata.EvoSuiteFile;import org.evosuite.runtime.testdata.EvoSuiteLocalAddress;import org.evosuite.runtime.testdata.EvoSuiteRemoteAddress;import org.evosuite.runtime.test...Read more

Running Evosuite with DSE

I am using Evosuite in Linux from the command line.According to the articles about Evosuite, there is an option to combine Evosuite with Dynamic Symbolic Execution (DSE)!Haw can this be set from the command line? Is there any parameter to enable/disable DSE?Thank You!...Read more

evosuite - Error while generating tstsuite from commandline

While generating test cases using command line option I am getting the following error.EvoSuiteGoing to generate test cases for class: testgeneration.Multiplication[MASTER] 14:03:51.716 [main] ERROR TestGeneration - Not possible to access to clients. Clients' state: Terminated with exit status 1. Master registry port: 14981[MASTER] 14:03:51.803 [main] ERROR SearchStatistics - No statistics has been saved because EvoSuite failed to generate any test case[MASTER] 14:03:51.904 [main] ERROR TestGeneration - failed to write statistics data...Read more