How to clear all Evince bookmarks?

Is there any quick way to clear all Evince bookmarks? The interface only allows selecting and removing one at a time. Manually editing ~/.local/share/gvfs-metadata/home to remove the bookmarks lead to resetting everything, not just the bookmarks.This is for the case in which there are a lot of bookmarks so clearing manually would take a long time....Read more

file metadata - Extract evince's bookmarks from a pdf and add them to another

Using evince I bookmarked a pdf file (in ubuntu 16.04). I want to copy these evince's bookmarks. I found they are stored as metadata and can see them using gvfs-info myfile.pdfBut I found no way to "paste" these bookmarks to the file metadata, if I copy it to another location or another computer. Found the same problem here with a suggestion (cp --preserve=all) that does not work. (I mostly use ubuntu 16.04 with cinnamon but I also have some installations with versions of Mint.)...Read more

mime type - Promote evince in /etc/mailcap.order

GIMP very unexpectedly took over opening PDF files a while ago when issuing the see command. It is listed in /etc/mailcap before the more appropriate evince. Of course I can edit this file by hand, but since it is managed by the system, the next update-mime run will overwrite these changes.There is a file called /etc/mailcap.order that promises to help to achieve exactly what I want. I added and entry there:evince:application/pdfHowever, the next update-mime run answers with:Warning: package evince listed in /etc/mailcap.order does \ not hav...Read more