How to get an event for every change in a CodenameOne TextField

I am building an app using CodenameOne and want to use a TextField to filter a long list of items. I tried using a DataChangedListener, as proposed in, but this will only fire an event after the user completes editting (i.e. presses the 'enter' key). How can I get an event for each character changed in the text field?...Read more

SAS: Regressions of times around an event

I am reading myself into event studies and need to regress the pre-announcement day volatility (daily) on the announcement days t0 and t1Return(t0,t+1) = Volatility(t-5 to t-1) + Controls.thus, I tried to create a dummy which is 0 in t-5 until t-1 and 1 in t0 and t+1. Then I set return to . if dummy not equal 1 and volatility to . if dummy not equal 0. Then:proc reg data=regdata; model return = volatility + control1 + control2; quit;Obviously, dependent and independent variables' data is in different observations. The program has no valid ob...Read more

Why is the queue receiving the subscription event, but not my program?

Both the Solace queue and my program are subscribing to #LOG/INFO/SUB_ADD/DEVICE/ID/123.When a new device which connects and subscribe to DEVICE/ID/123, both of them can successfully receive the subscribe event.But, if I set subscription as #LOG/INFO/SUB_ADD/DEVICE/ID/>, only the solace queue receives the event. Why can't my program receive the subscription event? The problem persists even after my program sets it's subscription to #LOG/>....Read more

events - Can receive pointerDragged but not pointerPressed in a container

I have a UI in Codenameone where a container contains another container which contains some widgets. On the bottom level container I'm able to receive pointerDragged events but not pointerPressed. These (pointerPressed) seem to be consumed by the widgets on the top of the hierarchy, but not move down to the bottom container.How can I fix this? I'd like to do this to detect left-right swipes on the bottom container. Is there perhaps a better way to do that?...Read more

events - LWUIT: Change components text on show form

I use codenameone and I wanna change some labels text's or fill table with dynamic data from database.So, my question is :1.what event is good for change component text on showing form? to create database and load data from it or insert data into it?My application detail:I've a Main form with list of buttons that every button mapped to show another form.components of forms except Main form have to be set dynamicly....Read more

netbeans - CodeName One, Action event not created normally - need explanation

Good morning, Everyone. I have a simple Hello World application created from basic "Hello World" template.I've added simple button on the main form (in a CodeNameOne GUI designer) and I'm trying to fire an action event by clicking "Action Event". I am saving GUI designer contains before to make an event as it described here - CodeName One, Action event not working- need explanationBut GUI designer ask me to choose some filename instead to simply auto-create an event handler in NetBeans IDE as it shown in every manual. The main problem - I ca...Read more

GWT, TextField, Alt-Codes and getting an Event

I am having some trouble with GWT and TextField Events.I want to program a search field and be able to enter Danish and Swedish Names (i.e. Ø = alt + 0216 ) and update apply a filter/formatter and present life-results.While normal letters and digits work fine using keyup-events, the alt combination makes it really difficult. Working on FF16 here and there seems to be absolutely no event AFTER releasing alt.Is there even any way to get a simple ChangeEvent for a TextField?...Read more

events - How to take an action on a deleted Asset in Adobe Experience Manager?

I have a system external to Adobe Experience Manager that I need to make a quick call to whenever an Asset is deleted in AEM. Not being an expert in AEM, my options feel very limited.I've attempted to create a workflow with a step that can make the appropriate call, and have hooked up a Launcher to listen for a Remove event on any "dam:Asset" type nodes from a certain path in AEM. That means I've got a Java class I've pushed into AEM that extends WorkflowProcess, and is called as part of that workflow. However, this workflow is not being trigge...Read more

events - LabVIEW: OK Button doesn't update its color after pressed

Hi I have a simple VI to press a button to turn on the led. My code works just fine except I would like to have the button to be back to normal color after pressing. I tried all the mechanical actions, but none of them does what I want it to do.The procedure is as follows:Say before user presses the button it appears like this After user presses the button it becomes Then the led turns onOnce it executes the event the button goes back to The block diagram is shown below:I am puzzled and could someone please help me ?...Read more

Firefox not registering onclick event handler

Below are two snips of code for assigning an event handler for an onclick event. Version One works in IE, FF, Safari and Chrome. Version Two works in IE, Safari and Chrome, but not in FF. In Version One, I register the event handler in the markup. In Version Two, I use a newer, and supposedly more robust, method for registering the event handler. Using firebug, it looks like the onclick event handler is not getting registered, though I cannot see why not. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks.*************** Version One ******************************...Read more

What periodic event and source (X server generated?) is this GTK app catching every second or so?

The following consists of just a button that when clicked can produce output on the console. (The output is just the value of a local loop counter and a global variable.)EDIT: The point is the code is to investigate how gtk_main_interation() works; so I do not want to wrap that call around a gtk_events_pending() loop. The code is purely pedagogical in nature.The strange part of the code is that instead the "clicked" event handler there's a loop that calls gtk_main_iteration(). gtk_main_iteration is supposed to block if there are no events pendi...Read more

How do I listen to UWP Xaml Slider manipulation start/end events?

What events should I listen to on a UWP Xaml Slider to determine when the user begins and ends manipulation.This functionality is important when you have a slider that represents some continuously changing app state (say, an animation time) and you want to pause the update when the user interacts with the slider.This question has been answered for WPF and Windows Phone, but not UWP. The other solutions do not work, or are incomplete, for UWP....Read more

dojo datagrid event attach issue

I am working with IBM Content Navigator 2.0.3, that uses DOJO 1.8 for the GUI development. I am new in dojo, and I have to enhance one of the forms: add an event handler to the dataGrid so when the row of the grid is selected one of the buttons become enabled.dataGrid described in HTML as follows:<div class="selectedGridContainer" data-dojo-attach-point="_selectedDataGridContainer"> <div class="selectedGrid" data-dojo-attach-point="_selectedDataGrid" ></div></div>And the JS file that controls the ...Read more

C# DataGridView Event to Catch When Cell (ReadOnly) Value has been changed by user

I have a Winforms app written in C#.In DataGridView, I have set a column(DataGridViewTextBoxColumn) called 'Name' to ReadOnly = true.When the user right click on a Cell of the 'Name' column -> Display a form to set a value -> I want the application to know: Cell's value of the 'Name' column has been changed.I have tried many events but can not do, such as CellEndEdit, CellValueChangedI'm only interested in catching user changes to data in the 'Plan' column where ReadOnly = true.Which is the best event to use for this?I attach information as bel...Read more