evaluation - Sum of increasing alternate terms in python

I need to evaluate the finite sum of numbers which are increasing in absolute value, but are alternate. Problem is: the abolute values grow too fast and it starts accumulating numerical errors. These the functions definitions, one (Gj_full) straight to it and the other (Gj) recursively. fact_quo is a simple factorial function. def fact_quo(n, m=1): if (type(n) != int) or (type(m) != int): raise TypeError("Arguments must be integers.") if (n < 0) or (m < 0): raise ValueError("n=" + str(n) + "\t m=" + str(m)) if (n ==...Read more

evaluation - How would you go about evaluating a programmer?

A few weeks ago, I was assigned to evaluate all our programmers. I'm very uncomfortable with this since I was the one who taught everyone the shop's programming language (they all got out of college not knowing the language and as luck would have it, I'm very proficient with it.). On the evaluation, I was very biased on their performance (perfect scores).I'm glad that our programming shop doesn't require an average performance level but I heard horror stories of shops which do require an average level.My question are as follows: As a programmer...Read more

Modelica Evaluation Order

I can't really find any answer in the Modelica specification so ill ask you guys. The specification states thatA tool is free to solve equations, reorder expressions and to not evaluate expressions if their values do not influence the result (e.g. short-circuit evaluation of Boolean expressions). If-statements and if-expressions guarantee that their clauses are only evaluated if the appropriate condition is true, but relational operators generating state or time events will during continuous integration have the value from the most recent event...Read more

operator precedence - Evaluation of APL direct functions

Here is a snippet I was testing recently. It takes two diameters (⍺,⍵) and computes the circumference of a circle:10{(○1×⍺){⍺ ⍵}○1×⍵}10 ⍝ note the brackets around ⍺ 31.4159 31.415910{○1×⍺{⍺ ⍵}○1×⍵}10 31.4159 98.696I would like to understand how evaluation of this expression works - why is the first one evaluating correctly and the second one isn't?I am using Dyalog APL....Read more

evaluation - Having to set objectives for developers, even though objectives don't work

It is generally accepted that setting measurable objectives for software developers doesn't work , as too much focus on the objectives can lead to behaviour counter to the organisational goals (so-called "measurement dysfunction").However, in my company, we are required to set objectives for all staff, and are encouraged by Human Resources to make them SMART. In the past, my fellow first-level managers (team leads) and I have tried a number of approaches:Set measurable objectives that are additional to the normal job, like "Do training on tech...Read more

Predictionio evaluation fails with Text Classification template

I am trying to predict a text field based on other text fields on predictionio. I used this guide for reference. I created a new app usingpio app new MyTextAppand followed the guide upto evaluation using datasource provided in template. It was all okay upto evaluation. On evaluating data source I am getting error as pasted below.[INFO] [CoreWorkflow$] runEvaluation started[WARN] [Utils] Your hostname, my-ThinkCentre-Edge72 resolves to a loopback address:; using instead (on interface eth0)[WARN] [Utils] Set SPARK_LOCAL_I...Read more

evaluation - Math notation understanding

I was reading a paper where I got the following notation which I am finding it difficult to understand especially inside the summation part. Here I see max notation with this condition 1<=j<=k. How this notation with max is interpreted? The value of i changes with summation itself ranging between 1 to the value of Ncm. How is the value of j changing here? Any help here would be highly appreciated....Read more

evaluation - Should previous final exams be released to students?

In general, you can find the past exams for the past 15 years or so at my school. However I had one prof in Calculus III who chose to withhold his exams. This was the only instance in which a prof has chosen to do so in my two years at university studying engineering. His justification was that he didn't want students studying exams rather than the actual course material which I find to be interesting. As a student, I notice that solving past exams from the same instructor as practice can be helpful for a couple of reasons:it helps you get accu...Read more

How to do on-site institute evaluation as a member of the evaluation panel?

Many academic institutes are routinely evaluated by an advisory board. In addition to the public performance metrics, such as publications and funding, the board usually goes on site to meet the personnel and get a better picture of the institute, its culture and its performance.As a panel member, what information should we try to obtain in priority during the site visit? How should we evaluate what we see and hear, and how much importance should we give it?...Read more

evaluation - How should we evaluate our peers?

This is a quite broad question, to which I have some personal answers, but I think I need more different perspectives.I am not talking about evaluating a peer's submitted work as a referee, but about evaluating applications ranging from small grants or sabbaticals (which have to be applied to at least in France) to tenure or tenure-track hiring. Such decisions have a small or huge impact on both others career and the overall academic system (by giving certain incentives), and should thus be taken very seriously. On the other hand, the time we a...Read more