evaluating clients - Is scope creep before work has even started a warning sign?

Awhile back, I was approached by a prospective client with a project. She had a pretty grand vision of what she wanted, but I managed to get her to agree to a limited scope for a first iteration.She seemed happy, and we started to move forward. A contract was drafted, and an invoice for a down payment was sent out.A week later, she wanted to meet again, and she had some changes to make to the scope. Specifically, she wanted to expand it.As soon as she said this, I felt my stomach twist, but I didn't know why.I explained that the additional s...Read more

Be fair if client offering more work, but owe money to person that paid you for previous work?

Ok, the title is silly as I am not sure how to formulate it. This is the case. A very cool guy, programmer, introduced me to his client and asked that I code something for his client, while he will stay focused on his own work on that software. I issues invoices to this guy (NOT his client!), and he paid all my invoices. The most important fact is that he DID not take any percentage on my work, he just passed my invoices. Then he asked me to stop the work because the client is refusing to reimburse him my costs. I stopped work. Now the client i...Read more

evaluating clients - How to decide what Upwork projects to bid on?

There's a lot of answers about how to be a high-quality Upwork freelancer. But with a limited number of Connects each month, how best to high-value projects to bid on?The Upwork forums (which I don't think I can link to here) have an excellent post about avoiding fraudulent and unethical projects. I'm still worried about the legitimate ones that aren't likely to pick me.If a project has too many proposals already, should I not bother? How many is "too many"?If the project already has "hires", should I not bother?If the project is still open aft...Read more