Enunciate Documentation - Ignore on a specific field not working

I'm trying to generate enunciate documentation (version 2.3.0). As per the documentation to ignore a specific field on the response sample, we could use either on the following. I have tried using them, but still the documentation creates a sample Json with that field.@JsonIgnore -- com.fasterxml.jackson.annotation.JsonIgnore@Ignore -- com.webcohesion.enunciate.metadata.Ignore I have tried with all the combinations with these 2 different types of Ignore....Read more

Deactivate XML examples and XML documentation in enunciate

I have a REST service that is documented using enunciate. None of my endpoints provide application/xml output. Still I get documentation similar to here: http://enunciate.codehaus.org/wannabecool/step4/el_persona_persona.html (example XML) and here: http://enunciate.codehaus.org/wannabecool/step4/persona_persona.html (XML attributes).I only provide a service with JSON output (don't ask me why, it's not my decision). Thus I do not need the XML output since it would suggest to an interface user that it is possible to use the interface with XML da...Read more

Enunciate custom @QueryParam annotation

I am using Enunciate to generate documentation for my Resteasy services. I am ableto generate the documentation needed, but I have an issue regarding some custom parameters.Our service interface consist of a custom @QueryParam annotation which is used to list all query parameters the method implementation support. I don't want to explainnow why we decided to have a custom @QueryParam, it was just an architectural decision.Despite all now Enunciate doesn't recognize the custom @QueryParam so all my Resteasy methods are without @QueryParam parame...Read more

create an index of all API calls with enunciate

I develop a not-so-RESTful API using Jersey and Jackson. All the API calls are annotated with @Path, @GET/@POST, @Produces and @Consumes. I managed to generate a nice API documentation using enunciate.The question is:Is it possible to tell enunciate to create a single HTML page that would contain an index with all the API calls?...Read more

enunciate - Issue Class was explicitly imported, but it was not found on the classpath. We'll try to import it anyway

I trying to import model classes into enunciate docs but I'm getting the following in the Maven log:Class com.mycompany.model.MyClass was explicitly imported, but it was not found on the classpath. We'll try to import it anyway.I'm trying to include the Request and Response classes in my enunciate generated docs. However all I'm getting is the following:POSTRequest Bodyelement: (custom)media types: application/json(no documentation provided)Response Bodyelement: (custom)media types: ap...Read more

Enunciate - How to display media types in the generated REST documents?

I have successfully created the documentation for my endpoints using enunciate. This is a sample from the endpoint:@Produces("application/json")public class Messages { ..... @DocumentationExample("provide an example") @Consumes("application/json") @GET Message createMessage (Message input) { .... store the message, validate, etc. } ....}The Message is mapped in JAX-WS through Jackson and has this structure:@XmlRootTypepublic class Message { ..}While this works for enunciate, I can't see neither the @Produces, nor @Consumes anywhere ...Read more