enumitem - rule length equal to length of item text paragraph - TeX

How can I get the width of the rule equal to the text for each item paragraph ? Any advice ? \documentclass[french,12pt]{article}\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}\usepackage[T1]{fontenc}\usepackage{kpfonts} \usepackage{xcolor}\usepackage{tikz}\usetikzlibrary{shapes,calc,positioning}\usepackage{babel}\usepackage{enumitem}\usepackage{lipsum}%-----------------------------------------------------%macro puce%-----------------------------------------------------\newcommand{\mapuce}[2]{%\begin{tikzpicture}[baseline=(a.base),overlay]\node[rectangle,in...Read more

enumitem - Problem with \newdimen and \widthof - TeX

I have a problem with the following code under TexLive 2018:\documentclass{report}\usepackage{calc}\usepackage[inline]{enumitem}\usepackage{parskip}\newdimen\lblwidth\lblwidth=\widthof{8.88.\ }\newlength{\testb}\setlength{\testb}{\widthof{8.88.\ }}\begin{document}\chapter{Exercises}\begin{enumerate}[labelindent=0pt,labelwidth=\widthof{8.88.\ },label=\textbf{\thechapter.\arabic*.},leftmargin=!,ref=\thechapter.\arabic*]\item Hallo\end{enumerate}\end{document}The \newdimen produces an error on my system while the \setlength doesn't:Part of logfile...Read more

enumitem - Make label reference contain section number - TeX

I have some code that looks like\section*{Problem 1}\begin{enumerate} \item Hello \item \label{problem-2b} Yes \item \cref{problem-2b} Welp\end{enumerate}I want the reference to appear asproblem 1a) as a refference. How can I include the name of the previous section into the reference? I already have the exercise number as a counter.For a "MWE" of my actual problem see below\documentclass{article}\usepackage{xparse}\usepackage{etoolbox} %Neccecary for ifthenelse\usepackage{enumitem}\newcounter{tittel}\setcounter{tittel}{0}\newcounter{prob...Read more

Spacing between paragraph and list when using usepackage{parskip} and usepackage{enumitem} - TeX

I have an item list that I would like to start on a new line, but without a full paragraph space before the first item. I try the different options in enumitem to control this and they work they way I expect. However, when I use the parskip package, the behaviour changes dramatically.For example, the following has the desired spacing:\documentclass[12pt, a4paper, pdftext, draft]{article}\usepackage[a4paper,margin=1in]{geometry}\usepackage[compact]{titlesec}%\usepackage{enumitem}%\begin{document}Bunch of text here.New paragraph here\newlineNew l...Read more

enumitem - Error fontawesome5 on a specific preamble - TeX

Referring to my recent question, to which I would like to express my thanks, Symbol of the tennis ball, I'm having a difficult to compilate it. In my book, as in this MWE, I have an error. How can I eliminate it?Related questions:Decrease the height of the enumerate aligned with the text;Pretty enumerate: fontawesome MWE:\documentclass[12pt]{article}\usepackage{lipsum,xcolor}\usepackage{fontawesome5}\usepackage{enumitem} \setlist{nolistsep} \newcount\cnt\cnt=1\newbox\battery\setbox\battery=\hbox\faBatteryFull\def\numberlabel{% \ifnum\the\cnt&g...Read more

Space between item label and paragraph, enumitem - TeX

In the MWE below, how can I reduce the space between the (i)/(ii) and their respective paragraphs, i.e. the blue lines? I would like tokeep the "exercises" labels hugging the left marginkeep the "subparts" labels hugging the left marginIf I use the labelsep parameter, the (i) and (ii) are dragged away from the left margin. Moreover, I don't think I'm using the widest parameter correctly. \documentclass{article}\usepackage[margin={1.25in,1.1in}]{geometry}\usepackage{mathtools,enumitem,lipsum}\newlist{exercises}{enumerate}{1}\setlist[exercises]{l...Read more

expl3 - Keep a key locally passed from multicols to enumitem using xparse - TeX

I have a small problem when trying to keep a key=val locally defining using xparse to pass multicols to enumerate (enumitem package). I have redefined the environment enumerate to accept the columns=number and created commands \keyans[...], \answer{...} and \showanskey[...]{...}{...}[...] to save the multiple choice keys and answers for worksheet exercise , all well except that when activate the columns in the first level of enumerate, affects all the levels nested in it.When using columns=2 in the first level it looks like this:all nested envi...Read more

enumitem - Redefining the item label in beamerarticle - TeX

I want to use $\bullet$ for the item label. In most LaTeX classes I would use\usepackage{enumitem}\setitemize{label=$\bullet$}However this won't work in beamerarticle since enumitem doesn't play nice with everything beamer-related (see for instance Trouble combining enumitem and beamer)Here is an example that pdflatex will fail to compile (in TeXLive 2014).\documentclass{article}\usepackage{enumitem}\usepackage{beamerarticle}\setitemize{label=$\bullet$}\begin{document}\begin{description}\item[first item] blabla\item[second item] blabla\end{desc...Read more

Writing enumitem's to a file - TeX

I am a teacher and often need to make worksheets and reviews that have answer keys. With the help of TeX StackExchange, I have a fairly robust system at this point with the notable exception that it does not work with enumitem. The error message that I am getting is beyond my LaTeX wisdom. Is there anyone who can help me out?MWE:\documentclass[10pt]{article}\usepackage{pgfplots}\usepackage{enumitem}\newwrite\answerkeyfile\AtBeginDocument{% \immediate\openout\answerkeyfile=\jobname.keys}\begingroup\catcode`\#=12\gdef\hashchar{#}%\endgroup\m...Read more

enumitem adjustment - TeX

Following up on this: \ref should use enumerate label nameI tried this:\documentclass{article}\usepackage{enumitem}\begin{document}\begin{enumerate}[label=\textbf{This is my label \arabic*}]\item a\item \label{l} b\item c. goto \ref{l}\end{enumerate}\begin{enumerate}[label=(\arabic*)] \item a \item \label{lll} b \item c. goto \ref{lll}\end{enumerate}\end{document}But the "T" in the "This is my label" is all the way to the left. I would like it to be aligned where the (1) is in the second enumerate list.thank you....Read more

enumitem - ntheorem Endmark On Line Alone Doesn't Flush Right - TeX

ntheorem seems to successfully handle every possible endmark placement EXCEPT when it's placed on a line alone. I noticed the issue following a list so I included it in the MWE. Also I'm relatively new to LaTeX so I couldn't come up with regular text that filled the line AND pushed the endmark to the next one.MWE:\documentclass{book}\usepackage[T1]{fontenc}\usepackage{newtxtext}\usepackage{newtxmath} % requires amsmath\usepackage[document]{ragged2e}\usepackage[amsmath, thmmarks]{ntheorem}\usepackage[inline]{enumitem}\newlist{examplelist}{enumer...Read more

Access optional item label when defining label style with enumitem - TeX

I want to define a personalized description environment, which adds a boldface and brackets around the label name, so I'm using enumitem:\newlist{named}{description}{1}\setlist[named]{label=\textbf{(??)}}What shall I put instead of ?? to access the optional argument passed to \item from the list?To be as clear as possible, this is what I currently write:\begin{description} \item[\textbf{(Hello)}] lorem ipsum...\end{description}and this is what I want to write (to accomplish the same result but to save some keystrokes):\begin{named} \item[...Read more

enumitem - Change vertical spacing of bullets in list - TeX

I want to make diagrams similar to the left one below using LaTeX: This is built up from BSicons on Wikimedia: in this example there are six of these icons below each other, the picture on the right shows the six sub-images with blue boxes. (I don't want the blue boxes, it's for illustration only.)It almost looks like a list with custom bullets, so I decided to try to make it as a list:%start.png, pass.png, test.png and finish.png are 30x30 pixel png images in the same folder.\documentclass{article}\usepackage{enumitem}\usepackage{graphicx}\beg...Read more