enterprise wiki - How to set up Global Navigation to link to page with list of pages with that metadata tag?

I am using SharePoint 2013 and working on a enterprise wiki site. And I have set my global navigation to Managed Navigation using the metadata term set. Clicking on the tabs in the global navigation currently brings me to a page I have linked/or a new page. I would like it to bring me to a page that lists all the sites that has that metadata tag (like image below). How can I do so?...Read more

enterprise wiki - RichHtmlEditor html property, to create default HTML content for a template, not working in SharePoint 2010

I've been developing a custom page layout to associate with the enterprise wiki content type in SharePoint 2010. The default comes with a RichHtmlEditor Field control. These field controls have an html property that is supposed to allow for default content to be placed in the editing box before the user touches it. I'd like to use this as a template of sorts. It doesn't work however, and I'm all stumped for ideas. I've scoured up and down. It should work and none of the other field control properties seem to prohibit it. Html editing, everythin...Read more