What is concept of terms, keywords and term sets?

Keywords: Within a SharePoint 2013 site, descriptive metadata (words or phrases) can be directly assigned to any list item or document; these words and phrases are called keywords.Are the keywords and enterprice keywords the same thing.What are terms?Although terms are stored within a series of term sets, enterprise keywords are storedwithin a single term set within the managed metadata service.What are term sets? Can you give me a example so I can visualize this concept?When do you convert a keyword to a term?...Read more

Search on Enterprise Keywords

I have added an enterprise keywords column to my document library and added a custom tag of 'RandomDocTag' to a document.I assumed that this would be indexed by the search engine, but I found nothing by searching for 'RandomDocTag' - ok so i assumed i might have to wait for the crawl, but it is now months since I set that value and I still get no results when using search.Any ideas? Is this not a 'managed property'? and if not does that mean I need to map it to one?Am i right to assume that we should be able to search for the keywords that get ...Read more