enterprise - Spring integration tutorials, information,examples?

I am new to spring Integration. I read that it is flexible and light weight integration technology build on Spring framework. It is used for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). Where can I find good tutorials and examples of spring Integrations?I already have some pdf from Spring community site,However those all are more theoreticle.Please help me finding any simple and easy to understand documents and tutorials.Thank you in advance....Read more

dms - Enterprise Scan: Error archiving documents

I'm using Enterprise Scan software for managing my documents on my local business, but when I try to archive documents into server, I get those error messages: “critical error during archiving content server API function call failed error adding version to subscribe numbers the archiving procedure will be aborted “critical error during archiving unable to write data to transport connection an existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host the archiving procedure will be aborted”How could suggest me any solution or who could tell...Read more

enterprise - What's an insanely ballpark estimate for design & development of a big old intranet?

I work in a big organization, spread around the world, about 17,000 people. Have to ask for money wayyyyyy in advance for projects before even really knowing what they are.So we're redesigning an old intranet. Spending a chunk of money we have on user research and UX design phase. More on the 1.0 and piloting it and dealing with content migration and all that fun stuff.Any ideas (insane ballpark here) about how much $ to ask for the next phase (rolling it out, more testing, actually replacing the legacy intranet)? I know details are sparse but ...Read more

How to run corda enterprise

I just research about Corda enterprise, I have downloaded file Corda enterprise3.zip when I extract this file, in this has a lot of files jar. Who can help me explaining how to run corda enterprise and use it. Thanks...Read more

Dynamics AX 2009 Rollup 7 Enterprise Portal AX_Core ERROR using Windows server 2008 r2 64 bits and sharepoint 2010 foundation

Arquitecture:AOS Server: Running windows server 2008 r2 std 64 bits spanish.Enterprise Portal Server: Running windows server 2008 r2 std 64 bits spanish, SharePoint 2010 Foundation 64 bits, IIS 7.5DataBase server: Running Window server 2008 r2 std 64 bits spanish, SQL Server 2008 std r2 64 bits spanish, Reporting Services and analysis services both 2008 r2 64 bits spanish.Issue:After update to Dynamics AX 2009 Rollup 7 we are experiencing the following error. This is the first time EP portal is implemented and deployed. I have try so many sugg...Read more

Bad AccountQueryRs from QuickBooks Enterprise 2013

Using this QBXML request against QB Enterprise 2013 (by one of our users)...<?xml version="1.0" ?><?qbxml version="8.0"?><QBXML> <QBXMLMsgsRq onError = "stopOnError"> <AccountQueryRq> <ActiveStatus>All</ActiveStatus> <IncludeRetElement>ListID</IncludeRetElement> <IncludeRetElement>EditSequence</IncludeRetElement> <IncludeRetElement>Name</IncludeRetElement> <IncludeRetElement>FullName</IncludeRetElement> <IncludeRetEleme...Read more

Enterprise Wlan - Ubiquiti UniFi - connection issues

Our company has several issues with the Ubiquiti UniFi enterprise W-Lan solution.We´re using these acess points for our whole building(2 floors – 3000 m2). Every strategically postion is equipped with a UniFi 3.1.4(upgraded from 2.x.x) access point.We have up to 40 active users/access point.For example, if a user who is connected with AP1 walks down the floor and reaches the range of AP1 the notebooks connects with a different AP like it should but it wont choose the „best“ one.Same issue for workplace employees, you can sit in front of your ...Read more

failed installation - iOS 10.3.1 enterprise application download error : Cannot connect to “Web server address” only for one wifi network

Our website has a link to download the enterprise application build and it was working fine before. In iOS10.3.1 this link stops working only in one of our Wifi NetWork "ABC Net". It's giving an error message: Cannot connect to “Web server address”Other Wifi Networks and 4G able to download successfully using same website and same link.ScenariosUsing Wifi "ABC net" can't download giving an error message "Cannotconnect to “Web server address”Using Wifi "DEF net" can download without problemUsing 4G can download without problemUsing 4G or Wifi "D...Read more

enterprise - What are the most important infrastructure components in large-scale development?

What are some of the building blocks foundational to enterprise business applications? I'm thinking about re-usable components multiple applications share to:Scale up fasterSpeed development by eliminating re-buildingProvide a stable infrastructures by minimizing key points of failureSome examples of concepts I've seen success with centralizing/standardizing:loggingqueueingscheduling...Read more