EngineYard how it works

EngineYard has excellent supporters but their documentation is no doubt, the worst i've came acrossBasically. I only want to know how EngineYard works under the scene.1/ Which web server is EngineYard using (Nginx/Apache) ?2/ On which instance the web server is installed on3/ How may I apply some configuration changes to the web server 4/ which cookbooks are always run by default...Read more

engineyard - Addons 'update code' phase

I'm looking into EY addon API.The ocumentation mentions an optional 'Update Code' phase:https://support.cloud.engineyard.com/entries/21288963-Extend-Engine-Yard-Cloud-with-Partner-Add-on-Services1) What's included in this 'code update'? Am I guessing correctly that it's client libraries+code? E.g. if my application uses some datastorage addon, it means obtaining the driver, then using it to insert/select some data?2) How does this 'code update' interact with the Addon API (https://github.com/engineyard/services-docs/blob/master/API.textile)? I ...Read more

engineyard - Engine yard - outgoing TCP connections

I'm evaluating Engine Yard. I know that some other PaaS vendors that 'sandbox' limitations on the application - e.g. don't allow them to open threads, don't allow outgoing TCP connections.Are there such limitations on Engine Yard.In particular, is it ok for my application to open outgoing (client) TCP connection to some legacy system. Thanks....Read more