email - Can I safely make some XOAuth authentication information public?

I am using PHPMailer with GMail in order to send SMTP mail. This works fine, as long as the account has the Allow Less Secure Apps feature enabled. I am working on a system where users will give permission for their GMail accounts to be used to send email.I'd like to try XOAuth2 so that I don't have to ask users to enable the Less Secure switch. To do so, I am reading these instructions from the PHPMailer project.Now, I think these instructions have been written from the perspective that the email will be sent from a system that is under the co...Read more

Upgrading to Rails 5 and rspec 3.7 no longer sends emails via ActionMailer::Base.deliveries

I had a functional spec suite using rspec with a Rails 4.2.8. I upgraded to Rails 5.0.6 and rspec 3.7 accordingly.Many of the specs work, but none of my specs that send emails actually add the email to the ActionMailer::Base.deliveries array.I've verified that config/environments/test/rb has config.action_mailer.delivery_method = :test, which should add any sent emails to the array instead of actually sending them.I suspect it has something to do with ActiveJob as well, because when I send an email via SomeMailer.some_method().deliver_later in...Read more

Automated Shopify analytics email

I'm looking in the possibility to send automated website performance emails to clients from a Shopify or Google Analytics API for their own website I manage. It must include metrics like sales, visitors, conversion rate etc.. basically what's available on the Shopify dashboard.As a designer with html/css skills only, I am unsure about the scope of what I am asking, could I get this done for a couple of hundred dollars or is this something that requires extensive programming? Compass delivers a similiar service as i'm looking for, I need that wi...Read more

email - How can I set the Sender's address in Jenkins?

I'm sending mail from Jenkins to an anonymous SMTP relay internally. That relay then securely sends mail to exchange online via TLS on port 587. The transport works perfectly, the issue is that Microsoft requires the Sender address match the authentication credentials login name which is the same as the account email address. For example sake, say this is How can I make jenkins always send mail from when I say the transport works perfectly what I mean specifically is that I can drop a formatted e-mail fi...Read more

tags - Netsuite Show Purchase Order in Email Template

I am trying to show the customer's purchase order number in the order-fulfilled email template. It's my own template design with the standard tags that netsuite provides.I sent them a ticket asking if they have a tag like that, and apparently they do not. They said that feature in unavailable.Is there a way that I can put a code into the email template that when the customer reads their email, they can view their purchase order number?that's our customer's #1 question in regards to all the calls that we get is what their purchase order is. This...Read more

FPDF PDF file cannot be opened after email using PHPMailer

I am trying to create a PDF file using FPDF and send it via e-mail using PHPMailer. It did send the file, but for some reasons I cannot open the file, either from my email or using Adobe Reader (which gives me something like the file is damaged).This is my coderequire('fpdf.php');require 'PHPMailerAutoload.php';header("Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *");$pdf = new FPDF();$pdf->AddPage();$pdf->SetFont('Arial','UB',28);$pdf->Cell(0,10,"My Profile",0,1,'C');$pdf->Ln();$mail = new PHPMailer();$mail->isSMTP(); ...Read more

Amazon Simple Email Service - "From" email verification

I am signed up for AWS SES (with instance, S3 and my website running nicely). I also have rec'd approval for sending out email without receiver verification and "mass production" OK. The only thing I'm left with is having my 3 "from" email addresses verified. Started to download Perl, as was suggested to run email-verification scripts -- but got no where with the installation. Do have my credentials ready to use.There is an AWS SES API to use for verification which I can't find... suspect that it has something to do with AWS's sdk which I could...Read more

email - What design-pattern I should use in my notification system?

Which design-pattern I should use in this case:I have a rest API notification system.I can notify by Emailnotify by push;notify by WhatsApp.And I want to implement more technologies, and I do not want to modify the core, I want to add only modules to the system. For example, adding Telegram Messages, Twitter messages, or another email provider.Any recommendation?...Read more

ios7 - iOS 7 UIActivityViewController Email Attachments

I have reviewed a bunch of posts here, numerous online tutorials/sample code and I'm stumped. In my app I have no problem displaying the UIActivityController natively provided by iOS7 with the sharing options appropriate to my app (AirDrop and mail).The specific problem I'm having is getting my saved document attached to the email message when the user selects the option to share via mail. The message body is being set to the text, but the attachment is MIA. The relevant code is:// Generate the XML file to be shared for the currently display...Read more

email - Unable to configure nginx as mail proxy

I need to use nginx as a mail proxy. I am completely new to nginx and need some help with the configuration.Here is what I did:First I built a service that mocks the authentication services described here: For example, curl -v -H "Host:auth.server.hostname" -H "Auth-Method:plain" -H "Auth-User:user" -H "Auth-pass:123" -H "Auth-Protocol:imap" -H "Auth-Login-Attempt:1" -H "Client-IP:" http://localhost:8080/authorizereturns the following response header:< HTTP/1.1 200 OK< Content-Type...Read more

How to track if an recipient responded to an email with amazon ses or other provider

Hey all thanks in advance for the look.We are attempting to develop a drip campaign email platform. For each "drip"we need to detect if the recipient replied to the email. If so we would like discontinue the following drips. For this we need some sort of reply detection but everything I have seen about tracking email metrics online is related to bounce rate and open rate. Not much available on reply rate in terms of how to build such functionality.Preferably we would like to do this on Amazon SES but if there is no such option we are willing to...Read more

CNAME for Azure application causes email problems with MX and A records ignored

We have an application running on Microsoft Azure and have set up a CNAME record to cover the domain so we can have the nice URL of (note I am replacing our real domain with throughout this) -> mydomainapp.cloudapp.netWe have MX and A records setup correctly so MX contains and an A record that points mailserver to the correct IP address.MXmailserver.example.comAmailserver -> (note this IP is fictitious)All fine, for most email BUT for some mailservers ...Read more

url - Reverse DNS, sending emails and hostname

I don't understand this "reverse dns" thing at all.So, I have a website -, and I have an ip address - (fake).Now, I want to setup a "reverse dns" thing, so that emails that I send out won't be marked as spam. Questions!why do i have to setup a "reverse dns" thing? What is it, and why do gmail, hotmail et al care about it?all the examples online say I need to setup the "hostname" as (well, they say, but I cleverly solved for x). What the heck is a "hostname" and what is ...Read more

email - How to check the value of cname records

I'm been trying to integrate my Email service provider with my CDN. As part of the process the ESP asks to add a CNAME record to your nameserver (here my CDN) with a specific value. eg Record Type : CNAMEHostname : email.mydomain.comValue : esp.orgHowever even after adding this my ESP doesn't pick it up and so it's fallen in the gap between the ESP adn CDN blaming each other. Is there a way I can check the CNAME record and get the value returned? (How is the ESP validating this?)...Read more