electrical - Why does my light box have 2 cables for this one switch?

Took down a ceiling fixture and discovered what looks like a possible switch loop, except I don’t understand how the connection gets completed with the current set up. Basically, 2 lines coming into the fixture box. The black from line A is wired to the fixture, and the white from line A is essentially “capped off” (is cut short and contained within the insulated portion of line A). The white from line B is wired to the fixture, and the black from line B is capped off. Over at the single pole switch there is a black wire and white wire attached...Read more

electrical - What is the proper way to convert a pair of three-way (SPDT) switches into a single two-way (SPST) switch?

I'm in the process of replacing some of the light switches in my house with smart switches, Wemo Light Switches in this case. I've had no problem with the replacement of my One-way switches (SPST I think), however I have a pair of Two-way switches (SPDT) that controls a single light fixture. As their documentation states Please note that the WeMo Light Switch is not compatible with lights controlled by more than one switch...So it looks like my best option is to convert the Two-way switch into a One-way switch. I'm happy to lose one of the co...Read more

electrical - Sub panel and ground rod installation: "high differential potential between the ground locations"

We have a dock (fixed-pier) that is about 40 feet from the house, and +100 feet from the main panel. 4-wire (2 hots, 1 grounded neutral, and 1 ground) run to a large junction box at the start of the dock. I was thinking about replacing this with a sub-panel as I don't feel like this current implementation (done by someone prior) is to code (Generally speaking, when is it necessary to install a sub-panel for providing electricity to an outside shed/office?) and I feel like due to the distance it would be nice to have a disconnect at the dock.My ...Read more

electrical - How to replace a light fixture that has a 3-way light switch

Box] I have a light fixture above a stairwell. There are two live switches that control it, one at the bottom of the stairs, one at the top. The wiring is relatively new about 25 years old (all copper, no knob and tube).I removed the existing light fixture, which functioned well, with the intention to install a new fixture. I forgot to make notes on how the existing one was connected to the ceiling box. There are two black, two white wires, and one bare copper ground wire. One black wire is always live, it seems to be independent of the two swi...Read more

electrical - What's the "correct" way to install LED drivers for accent lighting?

I want to install LED strip lighting behind crown molding in my office. In my particular install, I'm using 3 strips of SMD 5050 RGBW LEDs, which draw about 72 W per strip. From what I can gather, people are using one of three kinds of power supplies:plug-in type wall wartspanel-mount LED drivers like the Meanwell LPV series.Enclosed power supplies like the Meanwell NES series.I don't believe there exists a magnetic transformer that can drive and control RGB or RGBW LEDs, but perhaps I'm missing a fourth option?If I hire a professional to do ...Read more

electrical - Install recessed lights and chandelier with 3-way switches

I am remodeling my entry way and dining room to give a more open feel. Existing:15 Amp breaker12-2 Feed directly from the boxtwo gang box outside of the kitchen1 standard switch and 1 three way (chandalier turns on and off from entry and kitchen and the can lights only turn on from the kitchen)12-3 wire connecting switches and running to chandelier12-3 wire running from chandalier to can lights12-3 wire from switches to entry door(Entry switch only turns on chandalier and not can lights.The chandelier and can lights are not centered in the room...Read more

electrical - How do I install a SensaSwitch on a 3-way circuit?

I recently purchased a SensaSwitch, Manual-ON / Timed-OFF (PDF of instructions) and I cannot install it in such a way that it performs as I desire. I have a switch at the top of my basement stairs and a second by the exit, both switches control the entirety of the basement lights. I want to install a switch that will turn off after x minutes have passed that way when I leave through the basement the lights will automatically switch off without the need of using the bottom switch. I have been able to wire the top switch to perform this function....Read more

electrical - How can I wire a bathroom light switch which has an outlet, exhaust fan, and vanity light all from same junction box?

Trying to wire the bathroom light switch, but vanity light will not come back on. There are two wires, black and red, plus a ground wire that wasn't hooked to anything originally just touching the side of the box. The black and red wires were stuck straight into the back of the switch that went out, not wrapped around the screws on the side. I am at a loss as to what to do. The red line has been dead until just recently when I got a second new switch to hook everything up to. The red wire is now currently hot after not having been so during my ...Read more

electrical - GFCI Problem with Three-Way Switch WAS Two Switches Neutrals Only, Switched Hots Not Used

I replaced an old two-prong receptable with a three-prong GFCI (no ground) yesterday. It won't reset. I found out that "downstream" there is a light on the next level down that is controlled by two switches, one at the top of the stairs, one at the bottom. The original receptable is fine (resets, green) as long as that light is not turned on. As soon as it is turned on, the new GFCI receptacle trips. Now for the weird part. I open the light and it has two cables coming in, each with a black, white and pink wire. I assume (not a great idea) th...Read more

electrical - Where does the ground wire go in a 3-prong dryer cord configuration?

We moved to a new place where the dryer connection is 3-prong instead of 4-prong. The dryer was originally 4-prong, so we bought a 3-prong cord and installed it. It works fine, except I am not entirely sure if I installed the ground wire correctly. Originally, there was a green wire on the cord itself, and that was connected to the screw on the top of the first picture. This is, I assume, used to ground the case and prevent shocks when touching the exterior of the dryer.Now with the 3-pronged plug, there is no ground wire on the cord. So where ...Read more

electrical - Can Romex (NM-B) be run through conduit?

A few days ago I asked an electrician if I could run Romex through conduit - he gave me a funny look and said "No, Romex is not allowed in conduit."When I searched online, there seems to be a wide belief that Romex cannot be run through conduit, but no one can find the code which states this. See for example here, here, or here. However, in many other places it's stated that you can, for example here or here. And here, someone claims that the NEC says it's only allowed if explicitly stated in local code!So, which is it? Can I run Romex thr...Read more

electrical - Can ground shock me? It's bonded to neutral in my panel

I have no outdoor outlets. I want to install a GFCI outlet underneath my main service panel. Inside the panel there is only one bar with both ground and neutral wires connected to it. If I connect the ground wire for the outlet to that bar wouldn't that make the ground wire hot since neutral wires are also connected to the bar? Also, since the ground wire must be connected to my new metal outlet box wouldn't that cause a shock if you touch the box?...Read more

electrical - Why is it safe to use 15 A receptacles on a 20 A circuit?

OK, the one answer I got was way off target, and another commenter couldn't figure out what I was asking, so I'm restating the question...Are 15A 3-prong grounded outlets actually rated to 20A, allowing them to be used on 20A circuits? And if so, why, when the outlet can never be asked to supply more than 15A by anything that would be plugged into it?More info:This question had a comment that 15A outlets were actually rated to 20A. However, by design, there is nothing that will plug into a 15A outlet that will draw more than 15A. An appliance t...Read more

electrical - Why am I getting 50V at a light when the switch is off?

I am trying to put in a switch and a light it controls in a storage building and this is how I wired it.Click for larger viewWhen I checked the wiring it registered 120V when the switch was on, and right around 50V when the switch was off. Why would power still be getting to the light (I'm guessing there is a problem with the switch) and why would it only be 50V? Oh, and where everything branches off at the beginning I have a junction box there where all of the wires are joined there....Read more

electrical - What is the proper 'per code' method for running nonmetallic sheathed cable above a ceiling in the attic?

Can the wiring be run over the top of the ceiling joist, or must it be run through bored holes when running perpendicular to the joists? This is a non-habitable space, will have an attic entrance only for the purpose of blown-in insulation and is not tall enough to stand in. There will be no junction boxes, lights or any other reason to enter this space....Read more