Boss PSA-240 Power Supply - Compatible Pedals

I have a Boss PSA-240 power supply. Its specs are as follows:Input: 230V~50HzOutput: 9V-200mARegulated- to +It is a three pin Irish plug.I want to know is this power supply the right one to use for my boss tu-3 chromatic tuner, boss dd-3 digital delay, boss tr-2 tremolo, boss ab-2 2 way selector and boss bd-2 blues driver. Furthermore, I have other pedals like ehx little Big Muff pi, ehx holy grail, and Dunlop cry baby. Will it also be safe to power them. Please note that I have the older psa-240, and not the newer psa-230 which has replaced it...Read more

effects pedal - How to use Digitech JamMan Solo XT with headphones?

So, I bought mysef a the jamman solo xt looper pedal from digitech. Works fine, as expected when connected to the amp. When i plug it to headphones though, i have mono output (left ear only) which is really annoying. Due to my schedule, I only get to practice at night and the amp is out of the question. Is there any way i can get a stereo output from this pedal when using headphones without buying extra parts? If not, what would be the cheapest solution to achieve this? Thank you...Read more