Editing large data files

I'm about to start on a project wherein I can foresee there being large files (mostly flat text files, but could be CSV, fixed-width, XML, ...so far) that need to be edited. I need to develop the pieces to do this editing within the application.In trying to determine a Good Way to handle editing large amounts of data (possibly into the GB range) without having to load the whole thing, I found that Audacity is able to handle large files quite well. Audacity is open source, so I thought it would make an excellent teaching tool for me in this ci...Read more

editing - kdevelop detect concurrent file opens

My favorite editor, geany, has an option "Disk check timeout", after this timeout it checks if someone else has overwritten the file that I'm editing. This is a simple tool to detect if two people work on the same file (we don't use a version control system). Is there an option or a plugin for kdevelop that does the same thing?Edit: as Zhigalin said KDevelop does the check automatically but only for local files, I need it for files opened using sftp....Read more

google wave - A good program for editing code with another person on another computer

What's a good program to edit code, or the same document at the same time with another person through the internet. I need something where a friend and I can edit the same document at the same but he's on a Windows computer and I'm on a Mac. Something like Google Wave where we can just create a wave and edit the document at the same time, but I want something for coding. It doesn't matter if we can't compile on the program just to edit it, and later we can save and compile on our computers....Read more

Use of & in Footnote editing

If the intent is to reduce the # of characters in footnotes/endnotes (using the Chicago/Turabian style), would it be proper to replace "and" with "&"? For example, "ed. & trans," pages "4, 7, & 19," etc....Read more

editing - What editor can I use for world building that has a tree-like structure for my files?

I'm looking for a simple editor to start getting into world building and story writing which is working out fine in Microsoft Word. However, I'm finding it difficult to continue without any structure. So after some looking on Reddit and other world building fora for better editors. I like the structure which editors like cherrytree and OneNote provides with the nested notes (tree like strucure).However I dislike the text editor part.What I want:rich text support (custom fonts, fonts sizes, ...)Word, Notepad, ...-like simple text editorThings I ...Read more

editing - How Much Exposition is Too Much Exposition

I am in the process of figuring out how to write a mostly autobiographical piece (maybe, eventually, novel) about my experiences related to dancing (Swing, Blues, and a little Hip-Hop, in case you were wondering). My basic structure follows two story lines: the first being my experience at a particular dance event, and the second being the history of how I started and progressed in dancing.My problem is that every time I get into writing any part of the second story line, I question whether it's even interesting. At all. I wonder if I'm losing ...Read more

editing - My first act is lengthy. And I cannot shorten it. Any Suggestions?

After the great amount of encouragement that you all gave me here, you'd be happy to know that I finally started writing my novel and I'm writing whenever I get time. Special thanks goes to Lauren for that quote of hers. I loved it!Okay. So I'm following the three act structure for my thriller. And as I read somewhere, according to this structure, the first act should end when the novel reaches around 25% of its length; Here, as most of us know, the protagonist is supposed to start his journey, the story goal is supposed to become clearly visib...Read more

editing - How can I trim my word count and still be proud of what I've written?

I am a new writer. My work is focused on real people. I ask a series of questions and go from there. Its all about their personal journeys with health. I like to capture the feeling of what people have gone through, and put it into words. I have no problem telling a great story. The problem I'm running into is word criteria. I have a limited 750-word count. I always go way over (3,000), then I just can't seem to trim and still be proud of what I have written. How do I achieve both?...Read more

editing - Rewriting a scifi story to fit with actual science, should I do it as I go?

Rewriting a scifi story to fit with actual science, should I do it as I go, or just write first and make the needed changes while editing?My world exists in my mind, clear and palpable. but I am somewhat... Let's just say that when I read something I find annoying I usually don't finish the book, no matter how interesting everyone tells me it is. I want my world to be as realistic as possible. It's a fantasy scifi world, but it doesn't mean it shouldn't follow the laws of physics.So, as I come across a situation that causes me to doubt the real...Read more

non fiction - How to respond to overenthusiastic copy-editing

I was approached by a science magazine to write a long-form critical essay, and I gave them a 6000-word piece with extensive endnotes. After two months of being with the editorial team it comes back with the style altered to sound like generic science reporting, with whole sections removed along with the points they were making, with orphaned quotes now purporting to support points they aren't really related to, with quotes moved from being centered blocks to looking like hot takes or sound bites, some technical paragraphs are now just wrong, a...Read more

editing - Does a character have to define himself to be engaging?

I have a short story named Cured (which asks the question "What if you could take a pill to increase your empathy?"), in which the main character (Tony) doesn't talk or show much about himself until later, although he is described by his friends. A criticism I have received is that as a result of early self-definition, Tony is boring and completely un-engaging. This is really bad because this is supposed to be a mostly character driven story.Is this a legitimate problem and if so, what are some heuristics that I can apply to tell if I'm not let...Read more

editing - Where would I find a Critique Partner or Group?

Programmers often collaborate over code by using pastebin. They drop sections of code for others to read and assist in improving or removing errors. Does anyone know if a similar app exists for writers? I have a Wattpad account but that focuses more on whole stories or serial chapters, not on portions of a story. Beta Readers prefer lengthy or competed manuscripts. Is there any app or service that reads only small sections of a novel to provide group feedback on readability, grammar or how interesting a concept is to readers? Mark Baker was abl...Read more