wab - are Virgo tools actively maintained?

Virgo tools limits the maximum Dynamic Web Module version of Web Application Bundles to the old 2.5It seems that my Virgo server version (3.6.2) is using Tomcat 7, that is able to manage more recent servlet specifications (I need 3.0)I'm beginning to think that Virgo tool are not as actively mantained as Virgo server is. In fact, tools documentation talks about Juno and Indigo releases and Kepler is going to be replaced in 5 days as stable releaseAre Virgo tools a commonly used way to develop against the Virgo server in eclipse?Are they been sl...Read more

eclipse virgo - Maven-Pax-Plugin and Gemini Blueprint /Spring DM

following situation: We are developing an OSGi-application and the final porduct should be using Eclipse Virgo. To get in touch with OSGi and Spring i am now investigating the OSGi Blueprint concept.I am trying to use the maven-pax-plugin and Gemini Blueprint/Spring-DM but when i run mvn pax:provision i get the following error: ___ / / / / Oops, there has been a problem! / / /__/ org.ops4j.pax.runner.platform.PlatformException:[mvn:http://maven.springframework.org/milestone!org.springframework.osgi/spring-osgi- annotation/2.0....Read more

Load properties files in virgo class path

I am migrating my application from standard war to virgo-osgi modularity bundles. Before we used tomcat application server with war deployed. We load all properties file from tomcat lib folder as class path loading. Can i use same way in virgo environment? I found in virgo using different namespace(http://www.springframework.org/schema/osgi-compendium) for load properties file as configuration. I do not want to use that way for now. I prefer same as class path loading. Please help me how to use in virgo.Thank you,regards,gopy...Read more