Starting with Eclipse GMF

I'm new to Eclipse GMF and I was able to complete the mind map tutorial successfully.After that, I started developing a graphical editor using it.I've generated the domain model using a XML schema. Now I need to develop graphical, tooling and mapping definition models.But I don't have a much understanding about it. Where I can get a good understanding about them?...Read more

Eclipse GMF Model selected Wizward could not be started

In Eclipse GMF I have defined my .ecore .genmodel .gmfgraph .gmfmap .gmftool .gmfgen models and I have generated the model, editor and diagram code.When I run it as an eclipse application, I can create a standard model, I can also see the generated diagram type, but when I start it (create a diagram) then comes this error message: The selected wizard could not be started. Plug-in SmartAdaPro.diagram was unable to load class smartadapro.SmartAdaPro.diagram.part.SmartAdaProCreationWizard. smartadapro.SmartAdaPro.diagram.part.SmartAdaProCreationWi...Read more

eclipse gmf - Printing GMF diagrams using PDFCreator not able to open the generated pdf

I have implemented a direct printing to files of some GMF diagrams. The diagrams are opened, printed to file and the diagrams then closed. The issue I am facing is withing the following point:private static void printDiagrams(IEditorPart editorPart,org.eclipse.gmf.runtime.diagram.ui.printing.internal.util.SWTDiagramPrinter diagramPrinter,String diagName) { PrinterData printData = new PrinterData("winspool","PDFCreator"); if(printData!=null) { printData.printToFile = true; printData.fileName = "D:\\"+diagName+"...Read more

eclipse gmf - GMF change the colour of a connection

I am currently working with gmf and I would like to change the colour of connections. I debug the code and I saw thatafter setting createConnectionFigure() method the foreground colour the refresh() method in the AbstractGraphicalEditPart class overrides this colour. Is there any special way that I can change the colour? Also I want to create a circle for source and target decoration of the link. I know that I have to extend the Polyline class but I don;t anything about the rest. Do you know any available example?...Read more