How can I chose a specific version of Java EE in Eclipse?

It's my first day with Java EE and I would like to understand: How I can set up a Java EE 7 project? and where can I check what Java EE version I am actually using? I downloaded the latest Eclipse for Java EE Developers (Neon) and am now trying to understand how all these parts fit together. I ended up downloading Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 7 Web Profile SDK Update 3 as well as a Shell file to install Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 7 SDK Update 3. I know there is a lot of instructions provided but I would just like to set up my Eclips...Read more

eclipse - Interstitial ads for coco2d android game

I'm facing a lot of difficulties to show the Interstitial, it's my first time working with the Cocos2D game.This is all main java codepublic class FlyingPanda extends Activity implements AdListener { /** Called when the activity is first created. */ public static CCGLSurfaceView mGLSurfaceView; private boolean isCreated = false; private static final String ADMOB_PUBLISH_ID = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"; @Override public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { if( !isCreated ){ isCreated = true; } else { ...Read more

Rolling back bad changes with svn in Eclipse

Let's say I have committed some bad changes to Subversion repository. Then I commit good changes, that I want to keep.What would be easiest way to roll back those bad changes in Eclipse, and keep the good changes? Assuming that files relating to bad changes are not same as those relating to the good changes. How things change if good changes were made to same files as bad changes?I am mostly looking a way to do this via Eclipse plugins (Subclipse or Subversive) but commandline commands are also interesting....Read more

svn - Restore Eclipse subversion project connection

I have a project in subversion, which I'm developing using Eclipse. I did the original checkout from the svn repository from inside Eclipse. All was well for some weeks then for some unknown reason, Eclipse (specifically: subclipse in Ganymede) no longer recognizes my project as being under svn control. The team context-menu only shows the basic "apply patch" / "share this project" menu options. From the shell, I can still update the project using the svn command line tools, so I know that the svn credentials still work. Other projects under su...Read more

How to change credentials for SVN repository in Eclipse?

I have Eclipse 3.4.2 installed on Windows with subclipse. Another developer added an SVN repository with his credentials and selected 'Save password'. Now every time I do anything with SVN his cached credentials are used. How can I change them to mine?I have already checked the 'workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.tigris...' folders, and could not find any way to reset those cached credentials....Read more

eclipse - How to fully delete Subclipse plugin?

I am having trouble getting rid of Subclipse from my Eclipse configuration.I made the decision to switch to Subversive due to the m2eclipse project dropping support for Subclipse.So I uninstalled Subclipse and then installed Subversive using the About Eclipse -> Installation Details -> Uninstall method. Now, when I go to any Team related options/tasks/preferences there are two SVN options available (one for Subversive and one for Subclipse) making life confusing.Having grepped the workspace .metadata folder for the string subclipse I can see th...Read more

eclipse - How to fully remove subversive plugin

I've installed Subversive and want to switch to the Subclipse plugin.After uninstalling Subversive via About Eclipse -> Installation Details -> Uninstall... and installing Subclipse, there are now two SVN options available in Preferences -> Team, one for Subversive preferences (which has been uninstalled and shouldn't be there anymore), and one for Sublipse preferences.How to remove Subversive completely, so that there aren't any traces (such as Subversive's preferences screen) left in Eclipse?...Read more

svn - No Subversion Icons nor Team actions in Eclipse, have tried both Subclipse and Subversive

I don't see any of the Subversion icons in Eclipse for a project that was clearly checked out from SVN (via the command line) I'm not sure when this stopped working.I've tried both Subclipse and Subversive plugins, they both seem content. I've also reviewed the SVNKit vs. JavaHL stuff.Symtoms:No SVN iconsRight click on file, Team and Compare To don't have any SVN optionsIn Preferences / Team I now have two SVN trees, one for Subclipse, one for SubversiveConfiguration:Mac OS X Snow LeopardEclipse 3.6 HeliosJava / javac version 1.6.0_26 64-bits...Read more

Eclipse doesn't highlight references anymore

I have an odd problem. In Eclipse Ganymede, I used to be able to highlight a variable, and it would highlight the use of that variables in that method. However through some action I have now disabled it. Is there a way I can enable it? I tried searching Google, but since I don't know what the feature is called, its kinda tough.Its a really useful feature, and its annoying that its not working....Read more