e4 - Build RCP application didn't run the lifecyclemanager

i hope i solved all my plugin and dependency issues for my RCP application.I hope it is my last issue, so currently if have the effect that my lifecyclemanager is not runing in the build RCP application.I have several user permissions and i defined all views in my Application.e4xmi as invisible. What i do in my lifecyclemanager:- open an Logindialog- after successful login load my user data- set all views visible for the defined user permissionsSo currently my RCP started but it is a blank window.I already insert logmessages into the lifecyclem...Read more

e4 - Opening multiple instances of an MTrimmedWindow complete with perspectives etc

I have defined a "main window" for my RCP app as MTrimmedWindow with perspectives, parts etc., as usual, within the Application.e4xmi.Is it possible to open additional instances of this main window programmatically?Similar to the creation of parts from MPartDescriptors? Unfortunately only parts seem to have descriptors. I would need something like an MTrimmedWindowDescriptor (complete with content descriptors, e.g. MPerspectiveStackDescriptor) to create the model from.It is not known in advance how many main windows will be needed.Each main win...Read more

RCP e4 application first start need several seconds

I developed an e4 rcp application and the application need several seconds (ca. 25-35) to open the login dialog. If I restart it it needs only 2-3 seconds.I think that the main part is still stored in the RAM but my questions is can I improve the first start of my application and how?...Read more

e4 - Host plug-in JavaSE has not been found in RCP application with Java 10

I moved my RCP application from Eclipse Oxygen to Photon, and also from Java 8 to Java 10.The code compiles and the application works fine if I start it from Eclipse. However, when I try to build my application, I get an error:plug-in JavaSE_0.0.0 has not been foundMissing Constraint: Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment: JavaSE-10 Host plug-in JavaSE_0.0.0 has not been found.I can't find any useful solution on Google. Maybe some of you can help me.My manifest file contains this header:Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment: JavaSE-10...Read more