drupal - 2 menus - Main menu, secondary menu and breadcrumbs

A few questions regarding menus in Drupal 7, I've been looking for solutions but can't quite seem to find anyone else having a similar issue.Using the Bartik theme:I have 2 menus - one is the Main menu and allows for me to set children to pages. I have a secondary menu that I do not want to be in the main menu but I do want to allow it to have children. When I add pages, I cannot select my secondary menu in the dropdown to allow my secondary links to have children. I can't even select my secondary menu as an option.Here are my questions:Can I a...Read more

drupal - Hook menu to unset a link with conditions

I'm stuck with an issue on Drupal 7.I have my main menu containing multiple links.With the module menu_fields, I added a taxonomy to the menu links, and I want to alter this menu display based on the chosen one.Problem is I do not know how to write my development.I tested hook_menu(), hook_menu_alter(), hook_menu_alter_link() in my module but the dpm() I wrote in it never appears.What I hope for is a hook with a param containing an array of the menu items.Do you have an idea ? Progress: I manage to display something with hook_menu_alter() -I...Read more

how to import menu and menu translation of different language in drupal 8 using drush

I have added menus in main menu and did translation in two languages that is in French and German, now my problem is while importing menu and its configuration through Drush , those translation configuration is not imported as i noticed while exporting this configuration in my another site . So can anybody help me in , how can we able to import/export menu and its all translation that is done in different language using Drush . As I don't want to use .csv formatted files for this....Read more

drupal 7 active menu item is set for multiple menu links with contextual filter

I have 3 pages in my menu that basically link to the same page, but with a different contextual filter on them.Is there any way to only set the correct "page" as the active page in my menu so the other links don't get the active menu item style?These are the links:xxx.ons-aanbod/% (contextual filter)xxx.ons-aanbod/diversiteit (VOORGROEPEN)xxx.ons-aanbod/architectuur (VOOR SCHOLEN)...Read more

Drupal 8 translate custom menu link?

In drupal 8, when I try to check the 'custom menu link' checkbox at admin/config/regional/content-language, after validation the checkbox remains unchecked.. No errors or warnings on page or in my dblog.. Have cleared cache multiple times and ran composer update to make sure all modules and core are up to date.Am I doing something wrong to translate my menu, or will i have to make multiple menu's for each language the good old drupal 7 way?Running Drupal 8.1.2 atm. **edit** updated to drupal 8.1.3, same problem...Read more

list Items of a category in drupal 7

I am a beginner in drupal, I created categories using taxonomy, I added the terms,)Cat1-Accessories-fourniture)Cat2-nature-insidethe categories are shown in the menu-bar , but when i click on the Cat1 or Cat2it gives me an empty node , I want it to show me the list of terms (Accessories, four...) !Thank you...Read more

drupal - Add menu tabs in user edit page

My main theme is bootstrap 3 and I have couple user roles. Other normal user roles use bootstrap theme, but one user role (not admin) uses seven theme, because I give access to add new content.I trying to find way how I can add tabs in user profile edit page. And add these tabs only one user role.I mean this page: http://i.imgur.com/UHHI2PX.pngThere are two tabs already: /user/id/edit and user/id/edit/mainSo how I can add more tabs and links goes custom page where I can add html and php scripts?...Read more

Drupal 6 CCK node form redirect issue

I am having trouble with a multi-step node form for a CCK content type. I set $form_state['redirect'] to a thank you page path, but it does not get redirected upon successful submission. Here is the code following documentation on the Drupal 5.x to 6.x form API at http://drupal.org/node/144132function rnf_form_alter(&$form, &$form_state, $form_id) { // ... $form['#submit'][] = 'rnf_regret_form_submit';}function rnf_regret_form_submit($form, &$form_state) { $form_state['redirect'] = 'content/forget-thank-you';}Any help would be appre...Read more

drupal - Adding vocabulary dynamically

I am new to Drupal and working with Drupal 8, I have not work in Drupal 7 or 6 so have less knowledge of it.I am working on some dynamic fields of Drupal content type. I have one content type attached with a vocabulary ( select list of terms ). I am using improved multi select (https://www.drupal.org/project/improved_multi_select) there.Now I have some code in module which are creating vocabulary dynamically from some incoming API data.I want, whenever my code create a vocabulary it automatically attached to field storage information that I am ...Read more

solr - Drupal: How to restrict apachesolr search results by user/article facets

I have a wiki built with drupal, with a taxonomy category Workgroup, assigned to both the users and the articles. I am using apache solr search module with facet api and my end goal is to set up the search so that by default when users search for the articles, only articles from their workgroup are shown. That is, when they launch the search from a search box, they should get the same results as for /search/site/hello?f[0]=im_field_kb_workgroups%3A4529 (where 4529 is one workgroup id) instead of just /search/site/hello (current behavior) Users ...Read more

scale - How to share the files between gears in scalable drupal in openshift?

I would like to have a scalable drupal at openshift. As I know, in a scalable application in openshift, there is a HAproxy cartridge in the head gear, another gear for database. The thing I am not very clear is how the web (code) gears share the files. The code part are changed when the code commited. Everytime when the code commit with git, the code is duplicated to every web gear. I think openshift will do it automatically and I assume during the commit process, the app is stopped. How about the user files in the sites/files in drupal. This p...Read more

Scaling Drupal 7 on Openshift

i am setting up a drupal site and would like to make it scalable on openshift (bronze plan, Small.highcpu). two questions in this respect:a) background tasks?would be great if someone can explain point 3 in more detail:from https://github.com/openshift/drupal-quickstart/blob/master/README.md: Because none of your application code is checked into Git and lives entirely in your data directory, if this application is set to scalable the new gears will have empty data directories and won't serve requests properly. If you'd like to make the app sca...Read more

Drupal - The directory sites/default/files exists but is not writable and could not be made writable

When I try to add "Public file system path" and "Private file system path" in Administration > Configuration > Media > File System in my drupal site, I get "The directory sites/default/files exists but is not writable and could not be made writable" Error. But it is working fine in localhost.The permission for the folders is 755, I changed it to 777. But still it didnt work.I also changed the owner following some blogs using:chown -R apache:apache privateBut it didnt help either.Please Help. Thanks in advance....Read more