how correct use FileUpload DOTVVM

I have a problem with "FileUpload" control from DOTVVM.My project is in ASP Core 2 and I use DOTVVM. I added to the project:Folder App_Data / TempI have added options.AddUploadedFileStorage ("App_Data / Temp") to the DotvvmStartup file in the ConfigureServices section;In the .dotcontrol file I added: <dot: FileUpload UploadedFiles = "{value: Files}" AllowMultipleFiles = "true" />When I click the button nothing happens.In the console (Firefox developer tools) an error appears: TypeError: t.document.getElementById (...) is nullWhen I set ...Read more

DotVVM 2.0 - unable to run trial Business Pack controls

I’ve created a DotVVM Core 2.0 project using Visual Studio and I have activated a trial version of Business Pack that I have added into that project from the private feed. I have registered the Business Pack in DotvvmStartup.cs in ConfigureServices. I don’t see bp controls in IntelliSense and when I try to run web app with the bp controls I get an error that tagprefix was not registered. I use latest version of Visual Studio 2017 Community and latest versions of DotVVM and Business Pack. Thanks for any advice....Read more

Dotvvm - fire custom binding handler after DOM elements are rendered

Lets say I want to customize css classes of treeview component.HTML code for <li> expand. As we can see, 1st <li> got class bp-state-expanded. When its collapsed, I would like to have bp-class-collapsed class instead of bp-state-expanded for my styling purpose.<li class="bp-item bp-state-focused bp-state-expanded" data-bind="css: $bpControl.getItemStyle($data)"> <!-- ko if: HasCategories --> <a role="button" class="bp-expand"> <i class="bp-icon fa fa-plus-square-o"></i></a> <a role=...Read more

Problems with dotvvm Validation

Reviewing the documentation for using the Validator If you want to validate some property, just use standard attributes from the System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations namespace. DotVVM can translate some validation rules into javascript, so the validation can be executed also on the client side.Then I developed the following code:using System;using DotVVM.Framework.ViewModel;using APP_MIS_FACTURAS.Models;using System.Web;using DotVVM.Framework.Controls.Bootstrap;using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations;namespace APP_MIS_FACTURAS.ViewMode...Read more

Event of PostBack in DotVVM

In my ViewModel I have the following code:using System;using DotVVM.Framework.ViewModel;using DotVVM.Framework.Controls.Bootstrap;using APP_MIS_FACTURAS.DTO.Contoles;using System.Collections.Generic;using APP.Models.View;namespace APP.ViewModels{ public class InicioViewModel : DotvvmViewModelBase { // Variables para la Vista private InicioModel inicioModel = new InicioModel(); private bool constructor = true; private SelectDTO[] inicializaLista; // Mensaje 1 [Bind(Direction.ServerToClient)] ...Read more

DotVVM DataPager not working

dothtml table with DataPager:<bp:GridView DataSource="{value: UserRoleGroupListDTOs}" class="table table-bordered table-hover dataTable"> <Columns> <%--<dot:GridViewTextColumn ValueBinding="{value: Name}" HeaderText="Název" Events.Click="{command: GoToDetail() }"/>--%> <bp:GridViewTemplateColumn HeaderText="{resource: eCENTRE.Common.Resources.Admin.Common.Name}"> <dot:RouteLink Text="{value: Name}" RouteName="UserRoleGroupDetail" Param-I...Read more

DotVVM code only component dont generate HTML structure correctly

I have my own component for treeview menu and I want to generate HTML structure like this.<a href> <span class="something"> <i class="icon"></i> </span></a>Here is my code where I generate structure for my menupublic void DataBindItem(DotvvmControl parent, AdminMenuListDTO item, IDotvvmRequestContext context) { var li = new HtmlGenericControl("li"); if (item.HasCategories) { //holder pro ikonu (šipku ukazující možnost rozbalení menu) var iClassContain...Read more

Dotvvm Repeater nested in Repeater

I like to use 2 dot:repeater(s) nested in one dothtmlexample :<dot:Repeater DataSource="{value: Projects}"> <div class="project"> <dot:LinkButton Click="{command: _root.RedirectToTasks(Id)}">{{value: Title}}</dot:LinkButton> <dot:Repeater DataSource="{value: _parent.Tasks}" WrapperTagName="table"> <ItemTemplate> <tr> <td>{{value: Title}}</td> <td>{{value: Completed ? ("Finished: " + CompletionDate) : "Not ...Read more

DotVVM: Steps for wrapping 3rd Party JavaScript controls, which have builtin, custom binding handlers for KnockoutJS

I would like to use some JavaScript controls, which have KnockoutJS binding handlers already implemented. After reviewing the DotVVM tutorials, such as "Code-only Controls" and also the controls from the DotVVM source code, I am confused on what aspects of and to what extent the controls need to be rendered via the DotVVM "Rendering Pipeline," if indeed they need to be.Also, if the controls already have KnockoutJS binding handlers already implemented, is the process of wrapping them the same as for controls which do not have KnockoutJS binding ...Read more

dotvvm - Struggling with Business Pack Alert Component

I am trying to make some dynamic logic for our application, but <bp:Alert> component don't want to cooperate.This is masterpage ViewModel:public class AdminMasterPageViewModel : DotvvmViewModelBase{ public virtual AlertComponent AlertComponent { get; set; } public DotVVM.BusinessPack.Controls.AlertType AlertType { get; set; } public AdminMasterPageViewModel() { } public override Task Init() { InitAlertComponents(); return base.Init(); } private void InitAlertComponents() { AlertComponent ...Read more

Business pack treeview dotvvm - all tree nodes collapse after redirect

I use business pack treeview component for menu. What I want to archieve is that when I click on item Chleba for example, it will redirect me to details of this category and also items Potraviny and Pečivo should be expanded. Both items must have this css class bp-state-expanded. Right now when I am redirected to details, all items from treeview are collapsedBelow is sample of my category menu. CategoryList contains all categories which are displayed in treeview.CategorySelectedList contains single object where I clicked.public List<Categor...Read more

How to pass paramters from one page to another in Dotvvm

How do I pass more than one parameter on a URL from one page to another page. For example: from page1, I use a link to pass parameters to page 2.Also in Page2 how do I get the parameters off the query string?From Page 1 Link to:/customers/page2.dothtml?Id=5&Date=3/31/2016How is this link to be coded in DOTVVM? Thanks!...Read more

Loading subcategories in TreeView on click Dotvvm

I use business pack treeview component for menu. My goal is to retrieve only top level menu without subcategories. Subcategories will show only on user icon click (+ / - icons) or on menu item click. So basically when I click on "a" or icon binded to this menu object, I want to send request to my server to get his subcategories and so on. I dont want to get everything in one request.As I noticed there are two click handlers in view.1) Use Changedproperty - when I use this property to handle click events, I successfully get correct object into m...Read more

dotvvm: Auto play video list (presentation)

I like to build a Video presentation website with dotvvm.when nothing happens it has to start every time a new video from a list.with the bootstrap/MediaObject i can't find the event 'video ready playing' so we can start the next video.what is the best way to solve this with Dotvvm, i don't want to go back to angular for this.BasUPDATE: At this moment I use the html5 tags, is there also a dotvvm component ? sample: <dot:Content ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentTemplate"><div class="page"> <video ID="video1" width="320" height=...Read more