Domain name registered for client and they want to transfer it to another domain host. OK to charge them for the domain name?

I am a freelance programmer and often I will register a domain name for a client under a domain name reseller (and of course under my account). I wanted to know if there is any standard procedure for selling the domain name to the client or just let them transfer it.Does anyone know a normal procedure for this type of scenario?...Read more

tld - More than one top level domain?

In a normal URL, you have a protocol, subdomains (optional), domain name, top level domain and subdirectories. For example: Here www is subdomain, google is domain name and com is TLD; path is subdirectory here. Parsing this is simple programming task. But the problem comes when there are more than one TLD's. For example: Here is TLD. But I see that there is a website with name also present. My doubts are:How many Top level domains can a URL have? In a URL how to find the top le...Read more

WWW or not WWW, what to choose as primary site name?

From technical perspective the only issue is traffic and incoming links (one of them should redirect to another). Now I need to choose which one should be primary. Some sites have www (google, microsoft, ruby-lang) and some without www (stackoverflow, github). Seems to me the newer do not use WWW.What to choose?Please with some explanations.UPDATE: This is programming related question. Actually site is for programmers, so I expect to see what techy people think.UPDATE: Site without WWW is clear winner. Thank you guys!...Read more

domain name - can people view amount of whois requests?

I went on to find a domain name to buy. It was currently in use, so I waited till it expired, but as soon as it had a domain name parker went and sat on it.Is it possible for people to see how many whois requests have been made to this site. I want to know if they saw me looking at it and then took it because they saw someone interested in it so they could scam me.The domain name is a very unpolular one, it doesnt seem to have ever had any visitors so I don't know how they found it otherwise....Read more

domain name - Method to detect a parked page?

Anyone know of a way to programatically detect a parked web page? That is, those pages that you accidentally type in (or intentionally sometimes) and they are hosted by a domain parking service with nothing but ads on them.I am working on a linking network and want to make sure that sites that expire don't end up getting snatched by someone else and then being a parked page....Read more

How do I point multiple domain name suffices to one suffix?

I have two domain names pointing to the same site, identical names except for the suffix ('.com' and '').Somewhere I got the impression that it's preferable to make one point to the other, eg. no matter which suffix I type into the address bar, it always shows the '.com' version after I hit enter.There was some ridiculously immemorable name for this process - and because I can't remember it I can't even search to find out why it's important I do this!Any help would be very much appreciated!Thanks in advance,Alex Karasulas...Read more

Can you use a domain name while transferring it

I am transferring a domain name from one hosting company to another. The new hosting site has a website ready to use. How can I use the domain name now while it’s being moved. They say it could take up to 10 days ( I have never had to wait that long before.). I know there is a way but can’t remember....Read more

domain name - Download the content of all TLD

I found a way to download all domain name for each TLD in order to stock them in a big database (and i want to update this db daily).So first, i tried to found a way to retrieve the full list of TLD.After some searchs, i found two lists : - - first problem is, why is there 2 lists having different number of entries (1576 entries and 1544) ? And how can i know which of these list is the good one (or there are maybe both incomplete) ?Then, i want to download...Read more

how can I implement 1 website domain with multiple web server to serve users at different countries?

We have a web application hosted in the UK and our clients from China and Korean report that the speed for viewing the web application is extremely slow - (most data are saved as non-database driven files)We decided to have a second web server set up in China to solve the issue - however, is that possible that we can keep both UK server and China server using the same domain name? (The clients are used to using our old web url, so it will be very difficult to announce such as change to those non-technical users...)...Read more

How to safely migrate www domain name of my google app engine instance to a compute engine vm instance?

I have a need to reconfigure the custom domain name of my google app engine instance and I would like to have the SF community to review the plan.The issueWhen my project first starts as a google app engine, I have assigned '' as the custom domain of the production instance of my GAE app.As the project grows, we deployed a word-pressed powered managed VM to host blog posts and other marketing artefacts. The domain name is about.mycompany.comIt causes a lot of confusion to users because will reach the web ...Read more

UK - Bought a domain through a web hosting provider - now they say I can't have it

I purchased a domain name via a web hosting provider. It was priced on their website as £7.99. I've paid for it and received a confirmation email and an invoice (stipulating the name of the domain, the period of 1 year, and 'paid')In my account I noticed that its status is 'pending' so I opened a support ticket. What I received was: Thank you for your order with us. Unfortunately, we can not register this domain for you at the price listed on our site due to the fact that domain registry considers '' as premium domain and the pr...Read more