Collecting and rechecking luggage in Doha- do I need a travel visa?

Do I need a transit visa to collect and check luggage at Doha?I bought a flight through doha on SkyPicker. Though both flights are with Qatar airlines, the emailed itinerary insists I will need to collect and check my luggage in Doha. This did surprise me.As a US citizen I believe I will qualify for a travel visa with proof of return travel if necessary. But I wonder if I will need them to collect my luggage and re-check them? I have a little less than 4 hours between flights.If I need a travel visa, I believe there is a fee of 40 pounds. ...Read more

connecting flights - Manchester - Doha - Bali

We are travelling to Bali via Doha from UK. Connection to Doha is only 55m. I am guessing because we booked it on the same ticket it should be enough to make the connection? We alre flying with Quatar airlines. Also do we need a visa to be able to make a connection in Doha? My nationality is Lithuaniain. Return connection is in Doha as well but its 50min....Read more