behavior - How do I help my dog with major leash anxiety?

I am fostering a dog who was left chained to a fence outdoors for several days. Inside our house, he is friendly and very affectionate with all people. He has a healthy, shiny coat, he's extremely well house-trained, he's reasonably obedient, and he hardly ever barks. (These factors lead us to believe that pre-fence, he was probably in a good and caring home that trained him well.) Inside the apartment, he's a dream dog.When you get him on a leash outside, he's a totally different dog. As soon as we get out of our apartment, he jumps up to get ...Read more

marking - Can my dog be retrained not to mark when he is on his leash

My pug is virtually impossible to walk. He's neutered and 12 years old, and for about the first 6 years of his life, he was allowed to do anything he wanted on the leash. He's gotten much better on a leash since then, but I am still trying to break him of his worse habit, and that is the need to mark virtually a tree, sign post, mailbox, and fence along the sidewalk when I walk him. Besides being annoying to constantly have to stop to let him sniff, it is making it impossible to get any kind of meaningful exercise for us when we walk him (whi...Read more

behavior - How do I convince my dog that a collar or harness is not the end of the world?

We have a very sweet 6 month old shepherd rescue. He was part of an urban feral pack until he was captured, and he spent ~2 mos in the shelter office, getting adjusted to people before we got him one month ago. He's come a long, long way in the month we've had him. He eats out of our hands and plays "touch" and fetch and doesn't get into things that aren't his to get into (except when he really, really wants attention -- then he'll come steal a piece of paper from me or grab a sock off the drying rack). He is super playful in the morning. We're...Read more

behavior - Putting leash on dog

I've got an odd issue with my dog that I've never had with any other dog I've had.When it's time to take my dog for a walk, he's fairly calm. He walks with me to the front door (where I keep his leash). I tell him to sit, and he does. I pick up the leash, but as I go to slip the collar over his head, he turns his head away. If I try to 'chase' his head, he'll stand up and back away. This gets frustrating as it will often lead me to telling him to sit and trying to put it on over and over. Once he's got the collar on, he's perfectly fine a...Read more

training - How can I get my dog to accept a harness without treats?

I want to use a harness to walk my dog since she pulls on her leash. I've tried for the past year to break her of pulling on the leash by stopping when she pulls and making her come sit beside me before we move forward again. She doesn't mind doing this and is happy to still pull and then sit next to me before pulling again.My dog developed a stricture in her throat for which she's had 1 (probably unsuccessful) surgery. The vet told me that she cannot eat any solid foods (including treats, kibble, chewy things, and basically anything with more ...Read more

behavior - Why does my dog get scared when approached and petted?

My parents have two female dogs. Both were rescued from the streets and arrived very young. One is already 5 years old and the youngest is about 1 year old and weighs roughly 6 lbs.The youngest is very afraid of people, although she gets along very well with the older dog. At first we thought she was abused and she would get used to us over time, but it has been more than six months that she has been living with us and she barely sniffs the tip of my parent's toes when they aren't looking, let alone me (I don't live in my parents house but I'm ...Read more

dogs - Is a 3-4 Month Puppy Too Young to Start Using a Gentle Leader?

I have a 14-week old Shepherd mix puppy who definitely pulls on his leash when we walk, but that's as to be expected at this age, so that's actually not why I was thinking about getting him a gentle leader.He's got a bigger problem of eating literally anything loose on the ground; I'm attempting to train him out of it but that's obviously going to take some time. While that's happening, I was thinking about getting a gentle leader attached to a harness just to gently keep his head up. But I obviously don't want to do anything that would hurt hi...Read more

dogs - Change in behavior

We have an older pit/husky mix rescue dog he is about 7.5 years old and recently has gone from an indoor dog wanting to be with us to an outside dog who is afraid to come inside. He has been starting to not eat unless it’s also outside. The only thing we can think of is we recently used a bug zapper inside (not on him) and he is afraid of it. Or he may of been abused in the past. Any suggestions would be helpful....Read more

feeding - Is there truth to the idea that changing food too often make your dog sick?

There is old saying that says that changing food on a dog can make it sick to its stomach. And that if you want to change the dog's food, you need to slow introduce it by mixing it in increasing percentages with the old food until he is eating only the new food.However, in my experience, this doesn't seem to be the case. My wife's dog used to get whatever was on sale when he was a puppy and never showed any problems. His diets has since stabilized so his dry food doesn't change much, but we do switch the wet food every now and then based wha...Read more

training - How can I stop my dog from grabbing on to legs of other dogs?

I just got a new foster dog and he's 11 months old. When he plays with other dogs at the park he grabs onto their legs with his mouth. It's not hard really (a soft bite), but enough that he'll interrupt the other dogs from running. Most dogs do not enjoy this and will run away and hide. Owners of other dogs especially hate this. How can I teach him to play in a more appropriate way?...Read more

behavior - Why does my sister's dog pinch with his teeth?

Just to clarify, this isn't a nibble. It's a single, very deliberate pinch!He's a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and he's getting quite 'long in the tooth' now. I mind him quite regularly when my sister goes away and this habit/defence thing/whatever, is very annoying.Example:He just came up to me for some attention, so I picked him up (again, he's old), sat him next to me, gave him some smooths which he seemed to enjoy(he sneakily clambered his front end onto my lap), my forearm went close to his mouth, and he quickly, but carefully got his canin...Read more

behavior - How do I get my dog to stop stealing socks?

My dog greatly enjoys stealing socks and running around with them in his mouth any chance he gets. He doesn't destroy them; he just holds on to them. Eventually, he will get bored with this and just drop the socks. I know he does it just to get my attention, but I am not sure of a good way to stop this behavior.Obviously, I do my best to keep socks hidden from him at all times, so he doesn't have the opportunity, but every chance he gets, he will pick one up and run off with it.How do I stop him from stealing socks?...Read more

dogs - Why was a worm exam negative when actual worm was included in stool sample?

3 days ago, my 2 1/2 month golden retriever started passing worm segments in her stool. It was one segment on the first and second days and two segments in the third day.I'm pretty sure it is tapeworm, based on description and images/videos found online. (They look exactly like this.)Called the vet's office, then took a stool sample. Made sure one of the flat-squirmish worms were in there. Later they called saying that the result was negative.The sample was in a large Ziploc bag (I didn't have a small one at the time). I'm suspecting they analy...Read more

Can dogs shed back to their original coats?

We have a schnoodle and his coat changed from black to silver by his first birthday just like other pups I’ve read in some previous threads. Now he’s aged to 14 years now and he’s starting to spot jet black more often with bigger spots like when he was a pup except it was silver then. Is this a generational thing that he sheds back to his original coat?...Read more